1. Sexiest Town Forecast

    The start of April closes the first quarter of this year and it's time to look at our UK Sex Map to find out how the forecast is looking with summer just around the corner.

    Upminster have been at the top of our Sexiest Towns List since our UK Sex Map went live, but at the close of March 2010 we have a new Sexiest Town spending a cumulative 6.6 times the national average overall on their sex lives!

    Bangor (or should that be 'Bang Her'?) in County Down has rocked and ridden to the top of our Sexiest Towns List. As well as spending 6.6 times the national average on their sex lives, Bangor also spends 20.1 times the national average on better anal sex and 12.3 times the national average on fetish clothing. Good work!

    Upminster has dropped down to 4th placing in our Sexiest Towns List with the university town of Durham filling the number 2 slot with 8.9 times the national average spent on sexy gifts and Newtownards placing a respectable 3rd with 16.1 times the national average spent on sexy shoes and boots!

    It's not all bad news for Upminster. The Nation lists their favourite toy as Jessica Rabbit 2.0, with the more couple-friendly purchases of We-Vibe II in 2nd and Sqweel in 3rd. Upminster's top aid is described by us as 'The ultimate sex toy' - The Caesar Sex Machine is one of our most comprehensive pleasure machines AND the most purchased sex toy in Upminster, proving that despite their fall in ranking they are still a strong contender for the Sexiest Towns List.

    Badminton unfortunately deserves another telling off. Located a hop, skip and a jump from our offices, we have to ask what on Earth you're all playing at (and with)? We're imagining a chaste land where all women are kept locked in towers until they're good and married and there are NO gays in the village. Ranking 1050th at the bottom of our list, the residents of Badminton are less likely to spend money on their sex lives. If you're from Badminton, we'd love to hear your thoughts as to why.

    A surprising turn out for the books was to find that Bishop Auckland is currently our UK capital of BDSM, spending 8 times the average on their trussing, teasing and torture than the rest of you! Westerham tops the lists for their love of Adult DVDs spending an amazing 13.7 times the national average on their collections. Hayle holds the title for Best Sex For Him spending 7.3 times the UK average on male toys.

    We're in no doubt that Summer 2010 is going to be seriously steamy, so we're expecting yet more changes to our fornication forecasts over the coming months.

    We'd especially love to see Badminton finally recover from their recession of raunchiness and show us how hot they can be!