1. Poll Results - Sexless Love vs Loveless Sex

    Poll Results - Sexless Love vs Loveless Sex

    We recently ran a poll asking you if you would prefer to have sex without love, love without sex or if it just won't do without both.

    We've reviewed your votes and can reveal that when it comes to matters of the body and heart, Lovehoney's customers are equally divided.

    141 of you took part in our poll and the results were very close.

    With a majority vote of 54 (34% of the vote), sex without love came top of the poll. It seems that you're an insatiable bunch prioritising pleasure above abstinence when your heart is otherwise disengaged.

    Second place with 47 votes (33% of the vote) came abstinence. Luckily for you, Lovehoney has plenty of sex toys and naughty products to keep you company whilst you're looking for Mr or Mrs Right!

    Finally, with 40 votes (28% of the vote) was love without sex, showing that romance is far from dead (at least amongst our customers).

    We deliberately left out 'Sex with Love' as an option and the results appear to confirm our suspicions.

    87 of you consider an emotional connection to be an integral part of your sex lives, far outweighing the 54 sex-hungry voters placing physical pleasure above matters of the heart. Awww.

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