1. Morbidia's Guest Blog - Vampires and Our Erotic Fascination With Them

    Morbidia's Guest Blog - Vampires and Our Erotic Fascination With Them

    Morbidia is known as the 'Vampire Queen' and lives her days as a true-to-life vampire and internet hottie.

    From the history of vampires to the media's sometimes unusual portrayal of these creatures of the night, there isn't much that Morbidia doesn't know about the subject of all things gothic! In her blog, Der Kuss Des Vampir, the lovely lady covers everything from long distance love to domination, from Nosferatu to lingerie.

    So, with the Twilight books still flying off the shelves and the arrival of the brilliant new Tantus Vamp Silicone Dildo, we thought we'd get in touch with the Queen of Darkness to get the low down on why we find vampires just so damn sexy…

    I lay in my bed; it must be coming up to 1am by now.

    Halfway between the land of the living and being dead to the world, I feel a presence above me, an essence of a being, one that’s not warm blooded.

    I can feel the cold emanating from their very skin. Before I am able to defend myself, I feel a sharp pain, a bite to the neck and a surge of lust and hunger for this being that’s gaining life from the very blood that runs through my veins; Vampire.

    These beautiful beings have always been of great fascination to me, since as long as I can remember.

    Wartenburg WheelI grew up watching such appetising examples of Vampires as Brad Pitt in the role of Louis in the film version of Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire and, as I reached my teens, these creatures of the night became a part of my most intense sexual fantasies.

    At this time in my life, this desire was indeed quite a difficult one to accept. Something that was supposedly the thing of nightmares and horror movies and that brought fear to millions of people over the centuries, was my greatest wish.

    Vampires of the past had always been a great fear for many people but centuries later, they have gained the popularity and the intrigue that I always wished my peers would see.

    The erotic intrigue may have been triggered by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but the beginning of the erotic fascination was caused by Anne Rice.

    In 1976, Interview With The Vampire was first published, depicting beautiful Vampires for the very first time. They were emotional, sensitive, and passionate; a new breed of Vampire that any human would gladly surrender their neck to. However, with these newly evolved Vampires came a big flaw with the sexual fantasy. Indeed, as the original Vampires did, they drank blood from intensely erogenous zones, including the neck and the wrist, and as any Vampire fantasist would know, sucking such regions can create a feeling of great euphoria. Nevertheless, Anne Rice’s Vampires’ sexual organs were rendered useless, and the taking of blood was the surrogate for sexuality.

    During the beginning of the noughties, the popularity of Vampires still remained but it was yearning for a new lease of undead life, one that would satisfy the Vampire fantasist’s desires and live up to their expectations for a brand new sexual being… and they got just that.

    Death By Orgasm Power Bullet Vibrator

    In the summer of 2001, Charlaine Harris brought out her first Vampire novel named Dead Until Dark, which was to be a part of the new Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries series.

    The book was set in southern Louisiana in a town called Bon Temps, in a world where Vampires had “come out of the coffin” and revealed themselves to be real to the human world, and the consequences of that.

    Along with this modern idea, where Vampires weren’t purely an unknown being of the night and were “mainstreaming” in an attempt to live a relatively normal life, they were also horny as hell and rumoured to be the best sex you’ll ever have.

    People of the world put away their garlic and stakes in favour of some lust and a new role as sexual blood donor: a role that they were gladly embracing.

    It took until 2009 for the series True Blood to hit US screens, based on Charlaine Harris’ books, and these new Vampires enthralled the world and created a new adoration and adult following for the sexual Vampire.

    With sexual relations between Vampire and human, and blood play becoming standard, this series was everything that us fang-bangers wanted, and was simply our deepest darkest desires satisfied!

    In my mind, without a doubt, Vampire’s have always been the ultimate sexual being and never purely a creature of the night.

    Licking, sucking and biting our erogenous zones into submission and taking our very essence as a life force – this, to me, is the ultimate in sexual aspiration and a connection to a being so deep, only a Vampire can fulfil it.

    morbidia blogFor my vampiric fun and saucy sex advice from Morbidia, check out her brilliant blog Der Kuss Des Vampir.

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    • diamonds: March 25, 2010 13:52
      another brilliant written blog post! well done M!

      and most defaintly check out her blog, it has some most lovely posts and stunning underwear! ;-)


    • SG69: March 25, 2010 15:11
      Very good Morbidia! Nowt better than a sexy vampire. I always remember (and I am a fair bit older than you but I'm not a vampire!) Miriam Blaylock from The Hunger played by the gorgeous Catherine Deneuve-very sexy indeed! But Count Von Count is a cool dude too! Lol

      Well done Morbs. . . . .fangtastic blog post

      SG x

    • sexynurse09: May 21, 2010 18:33
      Love this post Morbidia! I have become obsessed with True Blood and agree vampires are sexy as hell!! Glad it aint just me! x
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