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  1. Lovehoney joins the Brook100 Club

    Brook provides free and confidential sexual health advice and contraception to young people.

    Lovehoney is proud to be associated with Brook, a charity that offers free and confidential sexual health advice and services for young people under 25.

    By donating £1,000, Lovehoney is now an official member of the Brook100 club - which aims to get 100 people to donate £1,000 pounds each - to fund a variety of much-needed projects.

    Tracey Cox, Lovehoney's sex advice expert and designer of the supersex sex toy range on Lovehoney, is a Brook ambassador.

    "I think I speak for everyone at Brook, when I say an enormous thanks to Lovehoney for this!"

    It's well worth checking out the Brook website, even if you're over 25, for good non-judgemental, accurate and helpful information about all aspects of sex.

    You'll find Brook at or call 0808 802 1234.

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