1. How To Walk In Sexy Shoes And Stripper Heels

    How To Walk In Sexy Shoes And Stripper Heels

    As women, it is expected that we are just born with the innate knowledge of how to walk in high heels.

    Well, I’ve got news for you sadistic shoe manufacturers; we ladies don’t come into the world with that skill.

    In fact, the first time a woman dons a pair of sky-high stilettos she will inevitably twist her ankle in the first few minutes and then continue to walk like John Wayne.

    With books, YouTube videos and magazine articles dedicated to the topic of walking in high heels, you’d think at least one of them would give you some genuine advice suitable for footwear virgins as well as the more experienced stiletto wearers… but it appears not.

    Starting with kitten heels and progressing upwards to 6 inch stripper heels, we thought we’d give you honest advice from someone who used to live in skate trainers for 18 years but is now Lovehoney’s very own high heel evangelist!

    Start Small

    Entice Stiletto Shoes with Metal HeelsWhen it comes to wearing shoes with a heel, you’ll want to start with kitten heels or low courts, like the Entice Stillettos. It sounds obvious but a lot of people get carried away when they see a sexy pair of shoes and don’t take into consideration the actual height of them.

    Anything under 3 inches is ideal for beginners as this will give you the look of wearing teeteringly tall stilettos, but with a much smaller chance of twisting your ankles. Similarly, you may want to start with something that has an adjustable sling back or ankle strap, as this will give you a better grip on the shoe when walking.

    The Pain! THE PAAAIIIN!

    Even the most hardened of pole dancers still experiences pain when wearing high heels and it’s likely that you will too! The reason for this pain is twofold:

    - The shape of the shoe.
    - The angle of your foot.

    Marie Retro Satin Mary Jane PlatformOur normal walking gait allows us to use almost every part of the foot, from toes to heel, which means that the pressure of our bodyweight is spread out further. When you are wearing high heels, your gait changes and more pressure is placed on the toes and ball of your foot.

    Similarly, as your weight is then focused on the front of your foot, this means that gravity will do its thing and your feet will then slide into the lower half of the shoe. If your shiny new shoes have a pointed or angled toe, this will cause rubbing or pinching of your feet.

    So, all in all, it’s a bloody painful experience wearing high heels, but there are ways to alleviate the soreness:

    - Make sure you get the correct size of shoes. Too large and your shoes will rub, too small and your toes will be squashed. With Lovehoney’s 365 day no-quibble free returns guarantee, you can try several sizes with no extra cost!

    - Cushion the balls of your feet by sticking plasters on them! Doing this before you put your shoes on will keep you comfortable throughout the evening. It will also keep your feet clean and protected if blisters do start to form.

    - Alternatively, pay a visit to any pharmacy and pick up some Scholl Magic Feet products. Not only does the range include special gel insoles that cushion your tootsies but there are also strap protectors and other feet-friendly products too.

    - If you find that your feet are hurting, don’t be afraid to sit down! Many women think that once they strap the shoes on, they’ve got to keep going all night but that’s not the case. Take time to sit down, rest and even put your feet up, if you can. It’s not so much admitting defeat as it is accepting a life-line!

    - With all the blood rushing to your feet, they will start to swell and get warmer. Whenever you get the chance, cool your feet down by pressing them against cold flooring (clean bathroom floors are ideal for this) or rolling a glass of ice across your soles.

    Lovehoney Shoes Line-Up

    Walk Tall

    No matter if you decide to buy a pair of cute Peep Toe Lace-Up Patent Stilettos or full-on Glitzy Patent Diamante Platform Stripper Heels, you’ll struggle to walk elegantly if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. Start by taking a look at how you usually walk in front of a mirror. Are you a heel-to-toe walker? Do you stamp? Do your toes bend fully as you step? Knowing how you normally walk will help you to adjust your gait for a new pair of high heels.

    Ideally, you want to practice ‘stiletto shoe’ walking without any shoes on your feet, at first. Push your heels off the ground so you are walking on just the balls of your feet and toes. Take time to get used to this rather strange position and try to keep your balance for as long as possible whilst you walk.

    Getting used to this foot position and being able to control your balance without the worry of falling off 6 inch heels, is the perfect way to gain the confidence needed to walk in high heels. When you feel ready, slip your shoes on and get used to just standing in them. If you wobble, don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal!

    Glitzy Patent Diamante Platform ShoesYour first instinct will be to lift your feet higher as you walk, especially if your shoes have a platform as large as the Zoe Strap Patent Platform Court Shoes. Instead, try to avoid lifting your feet more than necessary as this will lead to elephant-like stamping, which isn’t sexy.

    Secondly, try to avoid leaning entirely on the heel of the shoe. The spindly stiletto heel on the Desire Satin and Diamante Platform Shoes is more than capable of taking your entire weight, but by resting like this you’ll be shifting your balance to an unnatural position, which will more than likely lead to toppling over!

    With your weight concentrated in the balls of your feet, take small graceful steps forwards. Make sure to quickly move from heel to toe, letting the balls of your feet propel you forwards and the heel provide extra support. The front of your shoes (balls of your feet) should be in contact with the ground 80% of the time, and the heels only 20% time.

    If you have to tackle stairs at any point during the evening, make sure to angle your feet towards the banister to help keep your balance. Going down the stairs is often harder than coming up them, so go slowly. Part of the appeal of wearing high heels is having others admire them and this extra time will allow them to gaze up on your feet in envy!

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    • CurlyGirlWife: March 22, 2010 07:30
      If you're just using your tall heels in the bedroom, get squishy rugs - they give the ball of your foot a bit of cushioning & therefore more heel stamina!