1. Genital Piercings - From 'Oh Holy Mother of God, That Hurt' to 'Wow, That's Sexy!'

    Genital Piercings - From 'Oh Holy Mother of God, That Hurt' to 'Wow, That's Sexy!'

    Shoving a piece of metal through your delicate parts will never sound appealing but the promise of extra stimulation, easier orgasms and more intense sensations is definitely tempting.

    Both men and women get genital piercings and do so for a variety of reasons. Some just like the way they look, some like the extra sensations they create and others use it as a shiny, silver indicator of "hey, lick here!"

    Genital piercing has been practiced for hundreds of years (that's how the Prince Albert piercing got its name after all) meaning that the art has advanced in leaps and bounds but it has also wrongfully led to urban legends and fact becoming intertwined in some warped story about how your uncle's, best friend's, sister's, post man got his penis pierced by a witch doctor and then his arse fell off.

    So to prevent your arse falling off (or any other appendage) make sure you separate fact from fiction* before you consider your first genital piercing.

    True or False?

    If they pierce your clitoris wrong it can severe all your nerve endings and you'll never feel anything ever again!
    This is technically false. The majority of women do not get their actual clitoris pierced, rather it is the hood of the clitoris instead. If you go to a trained piercer with lots of experience and a good portfolio, there is no chance of them severing any nerves. However, if you go to a piercer who is wearing a blindfold and using a knitting needle, you'll probably end up with some scar tissue and a lot of pain.

    Penis piercings are for gay men only.
    Very definitely false! Penis piercings have nothing to do with sexual orientation and everything to do with pleasure. No matter if your partner is female or male, a Prince Albert or frenum piercing is going to feel phenomenal when running over your sweet spots.

    You can't have sex for a year after having a genital piercing.
    This is kind of false. Depending on what type of piercing you get and your body's natural healing rate, genital piercings can take anything between a few weeks and several months to heal. Your piercer will let you know the healing times before any piercing takes place and they will also let you know of the best practices to ensure quick, safe and healthy healing. Just remember - there's plenty of naughtiness you can get up to in the mean time!

    Your body can 'reject' the piercing.
    This is true but generally only occurs with what are known as 'surface piercings'. These kinds of piercings are done through shallow skin and have a tendency to be picked up by the body as an 'intruder' (much like a splinter) and pushed out by your natural defences. A good piercer will know the likelihood of your piercing be rejected and warn you before you even whip your pants off.

    Tell Me More, Tell Me More

    So you've got over the fear of a piercing changing your sexual orientation and discovered that you can get busy a lot quicker than you thought, what else is there to do? Well, a lot actually!

    Toy Joy Prince Charming Dildo1. Choose the type of piercing you want - there are lots of different kinds of genital piercings and it really is worth doing your research.

    The most popular genital piercings for men are the Prince Albert, ampallang, frenum, dydoe and apradravya, but there are many more and a quick search on BMEzine will give you a good idea of what is possible.

    The most popular genital piercings for women include the vertical clitoral hood, horizontal clitoral hood, christina and labia. Very rarely is the actual clitoris pierced due to the high risks and long healing times, but a vertical or horizontal clitoral hood piercing can feel great!

    2. Find a piercer that you trust - ask friends for recommendations, look through the piercer's portfolio, ask questions, check that all their health and safety certificates are up-to-date and find out who they trained with. Although this may seem intimidating to do, piercers are used to this and will be happy to reassure you that they are the person you should go to.

    Sensualle Cavala Embroidered Chain Side Thong3. Relax - many people pass out in the piercers chair so make sure you breathe, relax and come prepared!

    Have a good, healthy meal about an hour beforehand, take on lots of natural sugar before and after (the pain, the tension and the anxiety can really wipe you of all your energy) and don't go out for a pint as alcohol thins the blood.

    4. Make sure this is something you really want to do - understand the risks and ask your partner before you get it done if they would mind. It's not necessary to have their written permission but if they whip your knickers off to find a little piece of metal through your lady bits and then get told that there's to be no sex for 2 months, they may be quite surprised!

    Online Resources

    Hopefully we've managed to dispel a few myths about genital piercings and help guide you through making your naughty body modification choices.

    Unfortunately we can't cover everything in this guide but we've gathered the best online resources on body modification so you can do further research and find out more about this sexy subject.

    About - Male Genital Piercing Guide - A very simple, easy to read resource that gives you an idea of each piercing, healing times and recommended jewellery.

    About - Female Genital Piercing Guide - Similar to the male guide but… errr… female!

    BMEzine - The biggest and best online database of everything piercing and tattoo related. Can be a little extreme so tread carefully!

    Flux Body Piercing Information - UK based piercers with friendly and useful information, including jewellery prices.

    MedicineNet - If you like your information strictly scientific, this site offers clear and concise advice from a doctor's point of view.

    *(Yes, this was just an excuse for me to have a go at being one of the Mythbusters for a bit.)

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    • 5mil: March 11, 2010 19:48
      A great summary of piercings, Carly. I love my PA (as does my lady) and only wish I'd gotten it done sooner. It's the thinnest piece of skin on the male body to pierce and heals really quickly. I think we only waited 8 days before having sex and it was fine. Every man should get one - you owe it to yourself and your lady!
    • Avrielle_Aniko: March 12, 2010 17:22
      Ooh! I've been very tempted to get my clit hood pierced for a long time, and this blog post has just boosted my confidence a little more to get it done!

      Thanks Carly! xx