1. Ms. Diamonds' Sexy Shopping Help

    Ms. Diamonds' Sexy Shopping Help

    Blogger, glamour puss, personal shopper, agony aunt - Ms. Diamonds is a woman of many talents and what she doesn’t know about saucy shopping, is not worth knowing at all!

    With exciting new ranges of lingerie, costumes, and accessories recently appearing at Lovehoney, we drafted in help from the lady herself to answer all your questions on everything from wobbling stilettos to naughty nurses.

    I know my boyfriend has a naughty nurse fantasy but I feel silly dressing up! Is there anything that I could wear that is sexy but not too revealing?

    Ms. Diamonds: It’s always worth remember that accessorising is every girl’s best friend. Accessorising is cool and not just for your day-to-day or going out clothes either! I like to accessorise my ‘naughty time’ outfits so I can feel more comfortable and look my utter sexiest best too.

    Red Heart StethosopeWhy don’t you do the same with a naughty nurse’s uniform? And don’t worry; there are quite a few styles of nurses outfits around, from lingerie sets to long sleeved dresses, so you will most definitely find something to suit you and really make your own!

    For example, I would take the Fever Nurse Naughty set and wear a sexy red bra and naughty white knickers underneath. I would also add a pair of white skinny jeans or jeggings instead of the normal boring stockings and suspenders combo. Not only will this keep you comfortable but it’ll give your partner more layers to peel off, which he’ll love!

    Add a pair of ‘fuck-me’ red shoes like the Chloe Patent Platforms, and a doctor's stethoscope and you’re done! Still amazingly sexy but totally different from the whole ‘normal’ naughty nurse look. All you need now is a willing patient…

    After a lengthy divorce battle and a lot of stress, I’m rediscovering my sex life. One of the things I’d like to do is wear something that will really turn heads next time I go out for a drink or two, but do you think I could get away with a skimpy dress at the age of 43?

    Ms. Diamonds: You don’t need to dress skimpy to turn heads. Being confident and classy will do that for you and get you all the attention you want!

    What Katie Did Retro Seamed StockingsLook at your body and pick out the part you like best. Think what suits you most of all, then go with that area and make it the feature of your outfit. So, if you’ve got the sexiest legs this side of the Atlantic, then show them off! If you have the most luscious hourglass shape, then make people sit up and take notice of that tiny waist and sexy curves! And if you have a cleavage to make Jordan jealous or a bottom to rival Beyonce’s then make it the highlight.

    Going with having the most amazing legs, I would show them off to the max with a few naughty twists here and there but always leaving a little to the imagination! I would go for either a fitted knee length dress or a sexy black leather pencil skirt, like this one from ASOS. Team that with a fitted blouse and a big belt to your waist for that sultry starlet look.

    To add to the sexiness I would wear some black seamed Retro What Katie Did Stockings, a pair of Marie Patent Mary-Jane killer heels and a cute clutch bag. And if you’re really out to impress, add a rub or two of Booty Parlor 'Don't Stop' Solid Perfume with Pheromones. You will be hot to trot all night long!

    I’m going to my first ever fetish night in London and I need to dress appropriately. What would you recommend?

    Ms. Diamonds: First thing I would recommend you do is find out from the party hosts what the dress code is, as most fetish parties will have one.

    Once you have that information, you have to decide what kind of material you want to go for - PVC, latex or leather - and then on how much flesh you want to flash!

    Allure Tiffany PVC CorsetAs it’s your first ever fetish night, you may not want to be too exposed until you become more confident and comfortable with the scene.

    In this case, I would recommend some sexy tight fitting trousers or leggings. I especially like the look of these brilliant Latex Leggings which aren’t too dissimilar to those worn by a famous popstar in her latest music video! I would team this with a latex or PVC corset, like the Allure Tiffany PVC Corset with G-String to keep that wet look flowing. You could then add some Ruby Glitter ‘bend-me-over-and-take-me-now’ shoes in contrasting red to break up all that sexy shiny black that’s going on.

    Then just add one last item - a mask. My favourite is the Bondage Boutique Wings of Ice Leather Cat Mask. It only covers your eyes but adds to the mystery of the women in the red ‘fuck-me’ shoes!

    I struggle to walk in heels but I’d love to have some nice footwear for special occasions. Are there any styles of shoes or boots that are easy to walk in?

    Ms. Diamonds: People struggle with high heels because, if the shoe or boot doesn’t have a wedge or platform, and just has a long spindly stiletto heel instead, all your body weight is focused on the balls of your feet and toes. This then leads to not being able to stand up or walk properly, for most people. But for some who force themselves to wear high heels, they will suffer achy feet, bunions and even a bad back! And what’s sexy and attractive about any of that?!

    Katie Patent Platform Open Toe ShoesBut, if you really want heels, it is possible to wear them and walk without feeling like you have the feet of a well-travelled 80 year old (or posh spice).

    I would suggest going for a pair that will give you extra support. Shoes with an ankle strap, like the Katie Patent Platform Open-Toe Shoes, give support to the back of your foot and stop your shoes from slipping, which can be dangerous.

    You could also try a pair of boots, like the Celeste Stretch Wedge Boot from Office. These will give you extra support to both your ankle and leg, which will make you adjust your posture and stand up straight, making you less likely to twist your ankle. Diamonds' blogFor more help and advice, visit Ms. Diamonds' Naughty Treasure Chest now and stay tuned to the Lovehoney Blog for lots more hot hints and tips!

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    • Puppies: March 08, 2010 11:15
      Wow D, this is great stuff. You are a star :)
    • diamonds: March 08, 2010 11:18
      aww thank you puppies!

      glade you enjoyed it! i really had a lot of fun working on this and it was so lovely to have been asked to write a blog post for the fab lovheoney blog!


    • Mistress Cara: March 08, 2010 12:11
      Amazing advice from the gorgeous Ms Diamonds! I will be hunting you down for some shopping advice when you have a moment free! Wonderful blog and lovely items too! xx
    • LoveHoney - Carly: March 08, 2010 12:32
      Not only is she bloody brilliant with shopping and clothing advice, but she has great taste in men too! ;) xxx
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      Wow, great stuff!
    • Sexyget69: March 08, 2010 15:33
      Brilliant blog post D! Well done. Really good advice as ever from you :-) I'm impressed! *thumbs up* x x x
    • diamonds: March 08, 2010 15:58
      aww thanks everyone! *blushing* im so glade youve all enjoyed it! it really means alot to me! :-)
    • Masterandslave: March 09, 2010 11:30
      Wow hun fantastic shopping suggestions! Congratulations! You should be a personal shopper for LoveHoney!!!