1. Six steps to safe anal sex

    Six steps to safe anal sex

    Anal play is now becoming far more mainstream for both sexes, whatever your sexual orientation, it’s worth observing the following ‘anal rules’…

    Anal play still carries a taboo tag, but its illicit ‘dirtiness’ only adds to the thrill. As it’s now becoming far more mainstream for both sexes, whatever your sexual orientation, it’s worth observing the following ‘anal rules’…

    1. Hygiene is a must!

    Scrupulous hygiene is a must. So bathe, shower, or use a bidet before - and always wash hands and genitals thoroughly afterwards. Fingernails should be very short and smooth - the skin inside the rectum tears easily and long nails can damage this fragile area.

    2. Take baby steps

    Take everything very slowly if it’s new territory for you. You can avoid pain if you use masses of good lubrication, massage extensively around the area first, and really take your time to allow the sphincter muscles to adapt and relax. Make sure to give each other progress reports as you go.

    3. Use a suitable lubricant

    Remember that unlike the vagina, the anal area isn’t self-lubricating, so it’s absolutely essential to use a thick, gooey, silicone or water-based lubricant - both latex-friendly for condoms - and to reapply it frequently. This will guard against damaging delicate anal tissue and lessen the possibility of condoms splitting. (Saliva does not count as lubricant by the way…)

    4. Condoms = safety!

    Always wear a condom (with the possible exception of monogamous couples who’ve been fluid-bonded for decades). Anal play is the riskiest transmission route for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, so penises should always be latex-clad. Pop them on anal toys too, for safety - and to make cleaning up easier. Don’t use textured or ribbed condoms for anal - they can cause irritation to the delicate lining of the anus and rectum.

    5. Wash to avoid infection

    Never ever transfer a finger, a penis or a toy, from anus to vagina without washing it first. They may do it in porn movies, and you may think you’ll lose spontaneity if you stop to wash, but your safety is paramount here. No matter how clean your bottom is, anal bacteria are always present, and can cause nasty infections in the vagina, so don’t cross-pollinate.

    6. Don't use numbing agents

    Never use numbing sprays or creams for anal sex. It’s bound to hurt initially because it’s so unfamiliar, but if anal sex is incredibly painful, it’s probably not being performed correctly. So don’t mask any discomfort by numbing the area as pain is an important warning signal from our bodies that we need to be aware of.

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    • hornyBB: March 19, 2010 21:37
      Good advice...don't even GO there wothout lube..total essential
    • BabyGirl: March 24, 2010 23:24
      LUBE LUBE LUBE!!!!.its always a good idea to use lots of lube,even if you might feel you've used too much.
    • monica stevens: March 31, 2010 14:20
      The first thing when you are with sex partner you want to do is talk to her about your anal sex fantasy. Tell her that it is something you really would like to try with her and that you think she will enjoy the knowledge. Let her know that it is really important to you. Most women want to please their man in bed. If she knows it is something you really wish she will at least consider the idea. I have read this interesting story about anal sex blog here:
    • jg: April 26, 2010 01:42
      me and my partner want to try anal sex, the only concer i have is if i accidentily poo while intercourse is takin place or its dirty inside please can u help with some advice on how to properly clean myself x
    • Ben: May 10, 2010 15:10
      re. point 2) -definitely going carefully at first, but good anal sex by definition should be at least a little sadistic or rough -lubing up thoroughly inside and out, massaging with a thumb or smaller insertable toy so the sphincter is reasonably relaxed or semi-relaxed first yes absolutely, but then when you push in past the sphincter I think it's totally appropriate to push thru in spite of a small scream -that's part of the appeal for both sides. If a lover's asked or agreed to you fucking their ass, they probably don't really want you to be TOO gentle or TOO considerate -and understanding that is part of being really considerate!
    • Privacy: September 02, 2019 20:55
      New to all this. Myself and my partner have recently dabbled in the anal pleasuring, but i have questions as we are both completely new to this i was hoping someone could help.
      1)What is it supposed to feel like with either finger or penis penetration?
      2) can it cause any issues with bowel movements for beginners?
      3) for females does it have the same pleasure as vaginal penetration?
      4) does it always feel the same even after experience or does it feel better?
      Any other tips or knowledge would be very much appreciated!
      Thank you
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