1. Chastity Belts - A Modern Take on a Medieval Idea

    Chastity Belts - A Modern Take on a Medieval Idea

    Everyone has heard tales of damsels in distress being locked away in tall towers, with chastity belt’s encasing their most secret of areas, making sure their virginity is kept intact for their knight in shining armour - but how much of that story is true? And what relevance do chastity belts have to modern day sex lives?

    Lovehoney has been selling chastity belts for both women and men for a long time now and it’s interesting to note how much their popularity has risen in recent years.

    From the always popular CB range to the hand-made leather belts of old, chastity play is exhilarating and erotic without the need for even the lightest human touch!

    A Quick History Lesson

    CB-3000 Male Chastity KitMany people often mistake chastity belts as a device that was used during medieval times but there is actually very little evidence to support this idea. The earliest known design for a chastity belt dates from the 16th century but, as far as we’re aware, a working model wasn’t ever made until the 19th century.

    Designed to prevent sexual harassment and masturbation (an act that was medically thought of as ‘harmful’, back in the day), these early chastity belts were crude, heavy and uncomfortable. Over the years, these designs have been perfected to the sleek and sexy products that you see today.

    What is a Chastity Belt?

    Leather Male Studded Chastity BeltNow we’ve dispelled the myths about chastity belts, let’s give you some facts on what they are and how they work.

    Chastity belts are so called because they are designed to keep you chaste. Although very few people use chastity belts to keep their virginity intact, these devices prevent masturbation and sexual intercourse, leaving you ‘mentally pure’ in the sense that you can control your libido and are able to concentrate on work or your relationship.

    Male chastity belts come in two types - the cage and the harness.

    The cage type sits over the penis and testicles, encasing them in a rigid material that doesn’t allow you to touch the penis or gain an erection.

    The harness type of chastity belt locks around the waist and between the legs, preventing access to the whole lower torso.

    Most female chastity belts are also based on the harness design, with an area that locks between the legs that stops anyone from touching the entire genital area.

    Why use a Chastity Belt?

    Bondage Boutique Padlock and KeyChastity belts can be used if you’re single or part of a couple, and for many different reasons.

    Many single people use chastity belts if they find themselves masturbating a lot. If their self-loving starts to interfere with their everyday activities then a chastity belt will help to prevent the physical action and therefore re-focus the mind elsewhere.

    Similarly, many single people choose to wear a chastity belt as a physical and mental reminder to stay free of sex until their next relationship, so they can give themselves over fully.

    Many couples choose to use chastity belts on one or both partners to increase intimacy. Many couples find that there is often a difference in their sex drives and a chastity belt allows intercourse to take less precedence as they increase their emotional connection instead, which can be more fulfilling than all the orgasms in the world!

    On a similar theme, many couples find that using a chastity belt increases the sensitivity of other areas of the body. Whereas many people see their genitals as their main erogenous zones, people in chastity find that having other areas of their body touched, stroked or teased is incredibly satisfying.

    Couples also use chastity belts for power play and orgasm control. In Dom/sub relationships, the submissive often wishes to give complete control of everything over to their dominant partner, including when, where and how they climax. This kind of power play requires a lot of trust and knowledge of each other so can lead to a closeness that is unachievable in any other way.

    The Wrong Reasons for Using a Chastity Belt

    There are some great reasons to use a chastity belt but there are also some bad reasons for using one, and in these cases you should probably seek advice outside of sex toys.

    - Chastity should never be forced. If one person is into it and the other person isn’t, trust will quickly collapse and possibly lead to the end of a relationship.

    - If a partner is suspected of cheating or has cheated in the past, then chastity is not the answer. Although a chastity belt would physically disable the person from having sex, it may lead to emotional infidelity which can be just as heartbreaking. Talking through these kinds of problems, maybe with someone at Relate, is your best bet.

    - Chastity should never be used as a punishment (unless part of a specific agreement in a Dom/sub relationship). Using chastity as a punishment can lead to resentment on both parts and can lead to couples becoming more distant, rather than more intimate.

    - If you find yourself addicted to sex or masturbation, you will need to address the emotional and medical aspects of this before the physical. Locking yourself up in a chastity device may cease all physical activity but it will not solve the actual problem.

    If you are unsure whether a chastity belt is right for you or you’re questioning the reasons for using one, it is probably best not to take chastity play any further until you have resolved any issues.

    Chastity Belts and Devices

    So you’ve now read the good, the bad and the ugly about chastity belts. If you’re still intrigued by them, let Lovehoney talk you through the different devices and how to use them.

    CB Chastity Products
    CB-6000 Male Chastity KitCB is the leading name in male chastity. Their unique products are made from strong and secure materials that provide the perfect fit around the penis and testicles.

    The CB-6000 Male Chastity Kit is the most popular of all the products and is available in different sizes and colours, depending on what you fancy.

    All CB products are based on a similar design of a penis cage at the front and a locking ring at the back that sits behind the testicles.

    These chastity devices can be worn for long periods of time and can even be cleaned whilst still wearing it. The penis is still able to be touched and the wearer can still urinate but access is restricted.

    Leather Female Chastity BeltChastity belts, such as the Leather Male Studded Chastity Belt and the Leather Female Chastity Belt, are designed to give a more obvious hold over the wearer.

    The straps that wrap around the waist create a snug fit, but it’s the strap that goes between the legs that creates the exciting feel of chastity! Just tighten them up and lock them in place for complete security.

    These types of chastity belt tend to be for short term wear as the users are unable to go to the bathroom or maintain hygiene and cleanliness whilst wearing them.

    Spartacus Triple Cock Chastity RingChastity rings are aimed at the male market and consist of a series of cock rings that fit over the shaft and beneath the head of the penis.

    The Spartacus Triple Cock Chastity Ring consists of a series of metal rings fastened in place by two adjustable Velcro straps with padlocks attached. This can be worn for long periods of time but can cause chafing due to the materials used.

    A little different to other chastity belts, these ring-based devices still allow the user to gain an erection but will find it hard to touch their penis through the materials.

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