1. I Hate Valentine's Day - A Survival Guide for Singletons

    I Hate Valentine's Day - A Survival Guide for Singletons

    If you're spending the most romantic day of the year alone, then you may be tempted to spend the day weeping in to your cup of tea and singing Bonny Tyler songs at full pelt. Although this sounds like fun (!), we've come up with a better way to enjoy Valentine's Day if you're single…

    Dress Up For You

    Many people have mentioned that they don’t buy luxurious lingerie because there’s no one else to see it. Lingerie shouldn’t be worn for the benefit of someone else, it should be worn to make you feel sexy, confident and feminine.

    Even if you’re working on Valentine’s Day, you should wear a gorgeous underwear set, such as the Classified Gigi Basque, underneath your clothes. The people around you may not know the secret to your confidence but you’ll certainly be reaping the rewards.

    Fall in Love

    In Too DeepOne of the most annoying things about Valentine’s Day is all those couples with their public displays of affection. Even though you don’t want someone to try to eat the inside of your face in full view of everyone, something about it still makes you utterly depressed.

    Get that same feeling of love, lust and tickling butterflies in your tummy by reading a little erotica in public. Portia DaCosta’s In Too Deep is the perfect book to get your cheeks blushing and your heart racing - the same symptoms of falling in love!

    Gather the Masses

    You can always take comfort in your friends during Valentine’s Day, so gather your mates and do something fun and exciting.

    All the boring romantic places like restaurants and the cinema will be filled up with couples, so why not play laser tag? Or take a trip to the zoo? Or even try go-karting for the first time?

    Have a Little ‘Me’ Time

    Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex SimulatorWhilst everyone else is indulging in naughty bedroom activities, it’s easy to get bitter because you’re not getting any. Don’t fret! Lovehoney is here with a selection of sex toys that can equal, if not better, what a partner can do for you.

    For the ladies, there is the Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator. The tiny tongues have enough stamina to keep you at your sexual peak all night long!

    For the guys, there is the unbelievably realistic Jenna Haze Fleshlight Girls Forbidden Butt Fleshlight. Not only does this male masturbator feel stunningly realistic but it has an internal texture that will blow your mind!

    Relax and Pamper

    Lovehoney Super7 Smoothie Silicone VibratorPeople in relationships tend to struggle when it comes to being able to relax and unwind in peace, so really spoil yourself with a brilliant bubble bath and a pampering session.

    Start with a long, lingering soak in the bath tub, exploring and massaging your body with the fabulous Lovehoney Super7 Smoothie Silicone Vibrator.

    Once you’re blissed out and calm again, give yourself a manicure and pedicure before finishing up with an intensive treatment with the Intimate Organics Sensual Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry Foot Lotion. Your feet will thank you!