1. Rekindle Your Romance with Supersex for Life

    Rekindle Your Romance with Supersex for Life

    The season of love isn’t just for new lovers and secret admirers; it’s perfect for long term couples who want to add that spark back into their relationship.

    Buying lots of sensual sex toys and gorgeous lingerie is a good way to kick starting your love life but more lasting help is available in Tracey Cox’s latest book, Supersex for Life.

    Sex expert and relationship coach Tracey, has put together all her knowledge and advice into this one brilliant book, allowing those couples who have already explored the Kama Sutra and the tired 'ice cube blowjob' technique to find something new and exciting to try together.

    Beautifully presented in a gorgeous hardback cover, the full-colour photographs and witty text is sure to make Supersex for Life a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

    Check out our free extract below for some great tips from Tracey for long term lovers:


    Get Him Hard

    1. Feel him up in public. Choose a restaurant that has long tablecloths, unzip him, and deliver a discreet but delicious mini-hand-job (minus the happy ending, obviously).

    2. Snog him sexily in front of his friends. Makes him look and feel like a Rock God, and his friends see how much you want him.

    Tracey Cox Supersex For Life3. Leave filthy photos in places where he least expects them. Use a camera (Polaroid or digital is best) to take up-close-and-personals. And I mean up close. (To us, it’s not pretty; to him, it’s an oil painting.) Tape one of the photos to the bathroom mirror as he’s having a shower and then wait for him in the most brazen pose you can live with.

    4. Leave the blinds up as you’re having sex. He doesn’t know you chatted with the neighbours on their way out to dinner 20 minutes ago.

    5. Make out in the back of a cab. Up to you how far you go - the kick is in knowing the driver is secretly watching in the rear-view mirror. Open your legs wide (knickers on) and let him put his fingers inside you. True, the cab driver knows what you’re doing but he can’t see anything but a bit of inner thigh because his hand and your knickers cover the rest.

    Ger Her Wet

    1. Tell her your most wicked and dirty thoughts about her. Whisper thema s your hands do what you’re describing. Make sure there’s no eye contact or pressure to talk dirty back so she can pretend not to like it (don’t ask - it’s a girl thing), despite the fact she’s gone pink with pleasure.

    2. Go down on her in an empty car park. She stands, you pull her knickers to one side. It’s easy to get away with if you stand between cars (but check for alarms and security cameras!).

    Tracey Cox Supersex For Life3. Send her a sex text when she’s having lunch with her girlfriends. “I want to be inside you.” “I wish I was licking you right now." If she boasts there and then, you’ll look good.

    4. Put her over your lap, pull down her panties, and spank her. Alternate spanks with running your fingers between her legs, licking them first.

    5. Take her underwear shopping to a stylish lingerie store. Tell her she can pick out two sets - but only if she models 10 for you in the fitting room. The classier the store, the less likely they actually are to interrupt the ‘viewing’.

    Pick up your copy of Tracey Cox Supersex for Life now and spice up every aspect of your relationship in an instant!

    Comments (2)

    • Avrielle_Aniko: February 14, 2010 00:30
      Woah! While that extract is very steamy, I'm worried that a few of those 'tips' may leave you in a cell for the night! Dont let the police see you going down on eachother in the car park, be prepared to be asked to leave the restraunt and I personally wouldn't go too far in a cab as you may have to walk some of the way!

    • Louisa: November 24, 2010 18:31
      A hand job in a relatively empty cinema works quite nicely. It is better during winter when you have a large coat and can drape it over his lap.
      We also greatly enjoyed going into a private park in the middle of the night (South Kensington). Lots of trees, a romantic secluded bench...