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  1. Can you recommend a vibrator to relieve frustration for a 23 year-old virgin?

    Can you recommend a vibrator to relieve frustration for a 23 year-old virgin?

    I’d focus on a clitoral stimulator for the moment, as that’s much more likely to bring you relief.

    Question for JulieQuestion:

    I am 23 and a virgin, not by choice. I haven't been with a guy long enough to be ready, until now. My boyfriend doesn't want sex before marriage.

    We kiss and explore each other's bodies, but have to stop when he starts to get turned on. The problem is I get turned on too and when we suddenly stop I feel fustrated. So he suggested I buy a vibrater for when I am alone; I like this idea.

    I want one that I can use inside and out, but I am a little nervous because I am a virgin. Can you suggest one that would be good for me, please.

    Julie Answers…Julie Says:

    I think it’s a great idea - and you may find that once you’ve grown confident using a vibrator alone, you’ll also want to incorporate it into your future lovemaking together. I’d focus on a clitoral stimulator for the moment, as that’s much more likely to bring you relief.

    Many women enjoy the sensation of having something inside them, but often don’t climax this way - but most women do have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Try the Incognito Discreet Lipstick Vibrator or the Clitoriffic Waterproof Vibrator - both available from Lovehoney.

    You may find the sensation too intense for your clitoris at first, so experiment and enjoy using it over your whole vulva (with a good water-based lube if that helps) until you find the sensation and pressure that takes you to your happy place.

    Take a look at an ergonomic vibe too - like the Lelo Lily Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator. It’s designed to fit your body’s contours, and although it is more expensive it may suit you - this type are also more discreet in appearance!

    One small word of warning - I don’t want to spoil your fun (quite the opposite!) but be careful not to become too reliant on a vibrator. Toys should be an extension of love-play, to add variety, but not to replace the human touch, so make sure you’re enjoying lots of self stimulation with your fingers too.

    Take a break from technology occasionally, so that your body doesn’t become dependent on just one route to climax. And then try to combine both methods - mechanical and manual - to give yourself pleasure.

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    • Becci: February 06, 2010 13:58
      Hi There, I would suggest a clitoral stimulator too I found that things like a bultet helped satisfy me when I was alone without my partner. I also found using the Tracey Cox whisper quiet vibrator worked wonders As its quite small and reletively thin it was just what I needed to relieve myself without the added pressure there of perhaps hurting yourself. It can be a scary experiance delving into the 'unknown' but once you get there you'll enjoy it. And eventually you'll be able to incorporate using these little toys together :-) Dont get too reliant on them though. As there is nothing more satisfying than the real thing. And you will need to give your body time to rest. Hope This Helps!
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