1. Cupid's Couch Sex Sofa - Standard vs Mini Comparison

    Scroll down to see a side-by-side comparison of the Cupid's Couch Sex Sofa and Cupid's Couch Mini Sex Sofa.

    Cupids Couch Compared

    Cupid's Couch Sex Sofa

    Cupid's Couch Mini Sex Sofa

    Price £109.99 £75.00
    Length 92 inches 74 inches
    Width 33 inches 32 inches
    Height 34 inches 34 inches
    Handles 4 0

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    • geoff camden wiles: January 04, 2013 06:26
      Hello, Cupids Couch,
      I think the idea is brilliant and would like you to consider this proposition. I run Car Boots Cornwall with 9 weekly sales weather permitting and we get a footfall of up to 350,000 each season we also have a very lively website www.carbootscornwall.co.uk with over half a million recorded hits! My Geoff Says column is hugely popular. I think a linkup to your website would be good for us and would certainly publicise Cupids Couch and your brilliant website. Have a look at the website I would envisage an advert and direct link on HOME PAGE and links to your site on other pages!
      Kind regards,

      Geoff Camden Wiles

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