1. The Perfect Valentine's Day For Under £100 - Sexy Gifts at Lovehoney

    The Perfect Valentine's Day For Under £100 - Sexy Gifts at Lovehoney

    If the thought of celebrating Valentine’s on a budget brings you out in a cold sweat, it’s time to relax and let Lovehoney do the hard work for you!

    As the most romantic day of the year, you want it all to be perfect; from breakfast in bed to a night of wining and dining. The only problem is how expensive it all is.

    A dozen red roses bought during Valentine’s week costs, on average, £50.
    A meal at a restaurant on Valentine’s night will leave you with little change from £150.
    A selection of gifts from your favourite high street retailers will easily set you back £75.

    All this, whilst your credit card gently weeps.

    Don’t worry; it’s not time to get a second job yet. Lovehoney can provide you with lots of great Valentine’s gifts and ideas that cost next to nothing.

    Five Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s For Free

    1. Print off a map of your local park and draw out a trail in the shape of a heart. Take your partner for a midnight walk around this heart-shaped trail then at the end of it; give them the map as a souvenir.

    2. Take some sexy photographs and slip them inside their Valentine’s card.

    3. Raid the kitchen and try cooking something together. Try out our Sexy Shortbread Recipe and we guarantee that you’ll be in for lots of playful fun and plenty of giggles!

    4. Take a candlelit bubble bath together and explore each others’ bodies slowly and sensually.

    5. If you’re in a long distance relationship or your lover is going to be working on Valentine’s Day, spice up their inbox with Lovehoney’s special Valentine’s Sex Toys TV videos. Will you choose the fantasy or reality of Valentine's day?

    Budget Valentine’s Ideas

    top ten valentines gifts under ten poundsRomantic Treats

    Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner how much you love them, so start the day off right with a selection of romantic and naughty gifts.

    Grabbing a selection of BASIC Sex Toys as a present is a great idea as it allows you to try out lots of new and exciting things - and no product in the range is over £6, so you can fill your boots!

    Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Personal Lubricant is the perfect present for the lover who works hard and plays hard. At just £6.99, this highly rated massage lotion is cheaper than all other massage oils and its dual usage adds value too!

    You could also pick up some saucy Sex Cheques for just £3.99 and some teasing Lust Dust for a mere £2.29 - who could resist that?

    Lingerie and Underwear

    Sexy underwear is the definition of Valentine’s Day but high street fashion retailers always hike up the prices during February. We’re keeping the prices super low here at Lovehoney so you can give your partner exactly what they’ve been dreaming of!

    The gorgeous Sweet Streak Sexy Satin Pleated Corset Set costs just £26.99 and is sure to make any woman look and feel a million dollars! For the gorgeous guy in your life, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sexy boxers - our favourites are the Dirty Fukker Punk Boxer Briefs at just £14.99.

    Turn Up The Heat

    Sexy Body GraffitiOnce you’re behind closed doors, you should surprise your partner with something to really get their heart racing.

    If you’re dating the man or woman who has everything, surprise them with the Sexy Body Graffiti Set at an affordable £12.99. Not only is it a lot of fun to do but it gets you both in the mood for some ‘hands on’ action as well.

    For the kinkster in your life, check out the Lover’s Choice Seriously Sexy Gift Heart - everything you need for an exciting night in for just £18.99!

    The Main Event

    Once you’re in the mood, whip out your final surprise - one of our luxury gifts at a bargain price!

    Ki-Wi Light-Up Silicone Luxury VibratorThe Ki-Wi Light-Up Silicone Luxury Vibrator is ideal for Valentine’s as it comes in beautiful packaging and is currently available with free Durex Play O Orgasm Gel - all for just £29.99.

    Alternatively, you could treat your adoring lover to the Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator. Highly rated, this special sex toy will really make her heart flutter (and other areas too)!

    No man should be without a Fleshlight Sex In A Can Abbey's Secret Ale, so enjoy a night of passion with this male masturbator that costs a very reasonable £34.99. Not only does it feel fabulous but it’s super discreet, making it ideal for the guy on the go.

    As you can see, it’s easy to put together a great collection of Valentine’s presents on a budget and with free delivery, every penny you spend goes on your pleasure, not on your postage!