1. Liaisons - A Free Erotic Extract to Warm You Up This Christmas

    Liaisons - A Free Erotic Extract to Warm You Up This Christmas

    As well as the free extract of the Book of the Month we’re also offering a free festive extract from Liasions, a book filled with erotic encounters from the team at Black Lace!

    This sensual short story collection is the perfect antidote to the mood-killing Queen’s speech and boring brussel sprouts! So grab your copy now, curl up on the sofa and get ready to become hot under the collar…

    EXTRACT: A Stroll Down Adultery Alley by Portia Da Costa

    ‘What are all those cars doing lined up in the lane?’

    We’ve reached the footpath that runs parallel to the ‘alley’, our tracks separated from it by a sparse and scrubby hedge that looks as if it’s been deliberately pushed through in places. Which, of course, it has. This is a prime spot for both sexual exhibitionists and doggers, and voyeurs who lurk on this side of the shrubbery watching the performers both in their cars and out of them. How to explain this to the good Doctor though?

    ‘Well… um… this is a sort of hang-out for people who are having a bit on the side. They come here to… er… do it in their cars.’

    Beautiful brown eyes widen. Brighten. And also darken at the same time as his pupils dilate. His lush mouth curves into a smile that would grace the image of the wickedest-ever sex pixie. And I like that – ‘Sex Pixie’ – it sums him up perfectly. My mother would go ballistic if she saw the way his eyes glint, and suddenly he licks his lips. She thinks he’s a gentleman and above all that sins of the flesh lark. She thinks he’s too good for me. But curiously, and conversely, that no man is actually good enough for me. Which means that me finding a bloke at the moment is pretty much a lose-lose situation.

    LiaisonsShe blames me squarely for my divorce and current lack of grandchild-producing potential. And she’s right in some ways. It was an error of judgement on my part. But that’s by the by. This is not the time to be worrying about what my old mum is thinking and how she perceives I’ve let her down.

    ‘Everyone round here calls it “Adultery Alley”. Because most of the people in the cars are married, but not to the people who are in the car with them.’ This ought to bug me and make me uneasy, but it just makes me hornier than ever. I’m so screwed up.

    ‘Indeed.’ His eyes twinkle again. He’s definitely up for something, I hope. ‘A sort of “Liaison Lane”, I presume.’

    Liaison Lane. I like that too. Although it does rather over-dignify the grubbiness of these gropers and cheaters and adulterers. ‘If you say so.’

    Is he closer now? I never saw him move. But somehow he’d in my personal space, smelling sumptuously of a rather expensive cologne. ‘ And…’ he hesitates and a cheeky grin spreads across his impish features. Being so dark and saturnine, he always seems to need a shave. ‘Do you come here often, Katie? Do you like to observe the fornicators in their natural habitat?’

    I’m gobsmacked. I never realised he was so full-on. I suspected he had a frisky rampant satyr’s heart beating in his mathematician’s chest, but I didn’t expect the switch from polite respectful lodger to total horn-dog to be quite so sudden…

    Find out what happens with Katie and the Doctor by picking up a copy of Liaisons today!