1. The Easy Guide To Lubricants

    The Easy Guide To Lubricants

    Lubricants are a great way to enhance your sex life. Whether you're having fun with a partner or enjoying your favourite sex toy, a high-quality lubricant will heighten the experience and guarantee a good time!

    There are numerous brands and types of lubricant available and although there's no right or wrong way to use a lube, we thought we'd point you in the right direction.

    Types of Lubricant

    There are three main kinds of lubricant - water-based, oil-based and silicone.

    Sounds simple? Well, it is!

    Liquid Silk Water-Based LubricantWater-based lubricants can be used for anything! They're great for sex, ideal for using with sex toys, really enjoyable during masturbation and the thicker ones are perfect for anal sex.

    Water-based lubricants often come in different varieties such as tingle, warming and flavoured so if you're looking to spice up a session, then water-based is the way to go.

    Boy Butter Extreme EZ Pump Oil-Based Lubricant Oil-based lubricants are a little more specialist. The ingredients in many oil-based lubricants will rot anything made from rubber (including your sex toys and condoms) and cause vaginal dryness and thrush in women.

    However, oil-based lubricants are ideal for anal play or male masturbation due to their thicker, longer-lasting texture.

    ID Millennium Silicone Lube Squeeze BottleSilicone lubricants are great if you want a super-slippery lube that will last and last! Ideal for using in the bath or shower, silicone lubricant is thinner but slicker; making it water resistant.

    Silicone lubricants are not advised for use with silicone or realistic feel sex toys as the ingredients and materials can react, but they're great for everything else.

    Lubricants and Sex Toy Compatibility

    As mentioned briefly above, certain sex toys don't react well with certain lubricants.

    The combination of materials in your favourite sex toy and the ingredients used in your latest lubricant can cause a funny peeling or rotting effect that will make your sex toy completely unusable!

    For example, using an oil based lubricant such as ID Him with your Jelly Double Dildo will cause the material to break down and corrode, even after you've washed it off (damn porous sex toys!).

    To figure out which lubricant works with which sex toys, check out our handy grid below:

    lubricant check list

    Where do I begin?

    After reading the above, you should have a little knowledge about each lubricant and what it's good for.

    But where do you start?

    Tracey Cox Supersex Love LubeWe here at Lovehoney advise that you start with an all-purpose water-based lubricant such as Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lube.

    This is our all time, best selling, highest rated lubricant and is ideal for those who have never tried a lube before.

    If you like the Love Lube but want something a little thicker try the Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Lubricant.

    If you like the Love Lube and the Anal Lube but want something a bit more exciting, try the Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm Gel!

    Developed by international sexpert Tracey Cox, these lubricants are basic but brilliant!

    Once you've got to grip with these three (what we like to refer to as 'the Holy Trinity') you'll know exactly what you're after and you'll be able to experiment with different flavours, different textures, different scents and different sensations!

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