1. How to Buy Sexy Lingerie For Your Partner This Christmas

    BlueBella Helena Padded Satin and Lace BraYou know your luscious lady friend wants some lingerie for Christmas but you have no idea what she'd actually like. Despite what others might say, there is a foolproof way to buy your lover the lingerie they want and reap the rewards that a gorgeous, well-received gift brings!

    Once you finish reading this guide you'll feel enlightened to the world of lingerie and confidently be able to choose underwear that is sure to put a smile on her face…

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    Tip 1 - Check her size

    Although this one sounds obvious, you'd recoil in horror to hear how many men just guess at sizes and end up insulting their partner by buying something too big or too small.

    When she's out of the room, check her underwear drawer. Take a note of her most consistent bra size (yes, us ladies like to keep different sizes hanging around for those days when we feel fat or when we need a serious cleavage boost) and note it down. Also note down the size of her knickers and her general clothing size. All of these will come in useful later on.

    Tip 2 - What does she like?

    It's always good to know what your partner normally wears, in order to buy her lingerie that she will like and feel comfortable in.

    Next time you're alone together, get sensual and peel her clothing off slowly. Is she wearing a thong or g-string? French knickers? Is her bra sheer? Padded?

    Tip 3 - Colour is key

    BlueBella Satin Babydoll and ThongBuying a woman lingerie in a colour she hates is likely to result in a total failure, whatever style you have gone for. But don't worry, you don't have to become a fashion designer to know what colours will complement her hair and skin tone.

    Dark hair and pale skin always looks great with dark tones. Don't just go for black, try the purple BlueBella Satin Babydoll and Thong Set (£17.50) instead, for a subtle yet sexy splash of colour.

    Dark hair and tanned skin suits bolder colours. A red like that in the BlueBella Scarlet Boudoir Satin Playsuit (£25.00) is sure to set pulses racing but also try golds, navy blues and even emerald greens for a look that really stands out. Stay away from greys or silvers - they'll just make her look anemic!

    BlueBella Victoria Satin BraLight hair and light skin will go fantastically with pastel colours. The BlueBella Enchant Satin Camisole and Shorts Set (£12.50) is ideal in baby pink and the BlueBella Grace Satin Bra with Chiffon Trim (£10.00) is a repeated best seller.

    Light hair and tanned skin can take almost any colour but should always be accented with darker trim or accessories. The BlueBella Helena Padded Satin and Lace Bra (£10.00) is a good example of this, as is the BlueBella Victoria Satin Bra (£8.00).

    Raunchy red heads should avoid pale tones completely but head towards dark colours with patterns or textures. The sexy shape of the BlueBella Geisha Satin Bra (£10.00) is simply sensational for this!

    If in doubt - go for black!

    Tip 4 - Body Shape

    Her body shape is the final determining factor in what you buy, but figuring it out is tricky! The best way to do it is to compare her to a celeb - is she curvy like Marilyn Monroe or beautifully athletic like Gwen Stefani? Take a sneak peek at her when she's getting dressed and figure it out.

    hourglass body shape for lingerie

    The Hourglass

    Features: Big bust, tapered waist and a bootylicious bottom.
    Famous Hourglass Ladies: Marilyn Monroe, Kelly Brook and Scarlett Johansson.
    Buy Her: A basque, corset or bustier that will emphasize those shapely curves even further!
    Lovehoney Recommends: Classified Gigi Basque (£21.99).

    skittle shape for lingerie

    The Skittle

    Features: Average bust, average waist, curvy bottom.
    Famous Skittle Ladies: Shakira, J-Lo and Beyonce.
    Buy Her: A babydoll or chemise. This will skim her beautiful bottom and enhance her cleavage.
    Lovehoney Recommends: BlueBella Flirt Sheer Georgette Chemise (£29.99).

    lollipop body shape lingerie

    The Lollipop

    Features: Big and busty, slim waist, average bottom.
    Famous Lollipop Ladies (err… not the school crossing kind!): Angeline Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Rosario Dawson.
    Buy Her: A bra set to present 'the twins' in the best way and to boost her bum!
    Lovehoney Recommends: BlueBella Coco Polka Dot Bra (£19.99).

    column body shape lingerie

    The Column

    Features: Average bust, average waist, average bottom.
    Famous Column Ladies: Cameron Diaz, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson.
    Buy Her: A camisole set. These break up the body, emphasising individual parts - her cute bottom, her pert bust…
    Lovehoney Recommends:BlueBella Enchant Satin Camisole and Shorts Set (£12.50).

    apple body shape lingerie

    The Apple

    Features: Average bust, full waist, full bottom.
    Famous Apple Ladies: Drew Barrymore, Emma Bunton, Catherine Zeta Jones.
    Buy Her: A chemise. Many 'apple' women feel insecure about their stomach but the right dress will accentuate her bust and bottom but skim over her middle.
    Lovehoney Recommends:BlueBella Grace Chiffon Chemise (£12.50).

    So you know what size she is, you know what colours she likes, you know what she normally wears and you've figured out her body shape. Now choosing something should be as easy as ordering a pint!

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