1. 2009 Top Ten Sexy Christmas Gifts Under £10

    2009 Top Ten Sexy Christmas Gifts Under £10

    Stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts, a final little present to put under the Christmas tree - whatever you’re after, Lovehoney have a range of extra special and amazingly naughty Christmas gifts under a tenner!

    And not only are these sexy gifts cheap but they’re top rated as well, so you know you’re getting something that’ll really make them smile.

    So forget fighting through the crowds in Boots and wrestling that last box of chocolates from some poor old woman’s hands, shop online at Lovehoney and have a hassle free, worry free Christmas - delivered free too!

    BASIC Sex Toys Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator1. BASIC Sex Toys Lady Lustfinger Mini Vibrator £3.49
    If they’ve never owned a vibrator or you want something small and inoffensive for a shy friend, the Lustfinger is one of the best presents you can buy! Available in Christmassy colours such as sparkling gold, shimmering silver and snow white, this multi-speed vibrator provides deep, resonating vibrations which will take her from zero to orgasm in no time!

    2. Lovehoney 7 Function Magic Bullet 2.0 Mini Waterproof Vibrator £9.99
    You can’t go wrong with this cute bullet vibrator. Not only is it great for getting her off but it’s fun to use with a partner too - so the Christmas cheer can be spread even further! With seven pulsing, swelling and vibrating sensations, this bullet is ideal for the girl who has everything but always wants more.

    TENGA Egg Spider3. Tenga Egg Spider £9.99
    Although eggs are traditionally for Easter, this one can be enjoyed at any time of the year. It’s sensual texture strokes his shaft with the aid of the intense TENGA lubricant sachet. Even if he can’t fit another morsel in after Christmas lunch, this TENGA Egg is sure to increase his sexual appetite at least!

    4. Durex Play Vibrations Love Ring £6.99
    Not only is this vibrating cock ring designed by the biggest name in safer sex but it also comes in a cute little gift bag, making it perfect for hanging from a branch of your Christmas tree too! With its single speed vibrations and incredible power, this is the ideal festive gift for any naughty couple.

    Bondage Boutique Small feather Tickler5. Bondage Boutique Small Feather Tickler £4.99
    Kinky yet playful, this is the ideal secret Santa gift for that glamorous girl in the office who always wears killer heels and a wicked smile! The soft marabou feathers are great for teasing all over the body but the firm handle can deliver a decent ‘thwack’ too. The perfect device for torturous tickling!

    6. Chocolate Body Paint £3.99
    Every Christmas, you’re guaranteed to get at least one chocolate based product. Whether it’s a box of choccie biscuits or a gift box crammed with sweets, they can all be beaten by just one tantalising tube of Chocolate Body Paint. Naughty and nice!

    Tracey Cox Pocket Kama Sutra7. Tracey Cox Pocket Kama Sutra £5.99
    An ideal little present, Tracey Cox Pocket Kama Sutra will make the 12 days of Christmas exciting from beginning to end. With gorgeous photos, amazing advice and lots of good humour, this book explores sexual positions which are strange and unusual but ultimately satisfying.

    8. Durex Play Sensations Personal Lubricant Sachets £3.99
    Whichever lucky person gets this gorgeous gift box of lubricants in their stocking is sure to be pleased! Inside the attractive box you’ll find 10 sachets of high-quality Durex lubricant including the incredibly popular tingling and warming varieties.

    Sex In The Shower Waterproof Sexual Position Cards9. Sex in the Shower Waterproof Sexual Position Cards £9.99
    Turn this cold winter into a hot and horny one with these waterproof cards! But these ones aren’t designed for a bath time game of Rummy - each of the 12 naughty cards features a raunchy photograph of a sex position only achievable in the bath or shower. More fun than Monopoly and Cluedo combined!

    10. Masked Moments Blindfolds Twin Pack £3.99
    If you’ve only got a little room left in your partner’s Christmas stocking, these sensual blindfolds will fit in nicely! As well as being made of soft cotton, they’re also double lined, completely blocking out any light for all sorts of kinky fun.