1. Lesbians Selling Vibrators to Housewives Door to Door

    Lesbians Selling Vibrators to Housewives Door to Door

    Unusual title, no?

    Sadly you won't find any videos of lesbians selling vibrators to housewives door to door in this blog post, but you will discover more of the strange search terms that seem to lead to Lovehoney.

    And by writing this, I've realised that Lovehoney will now rank even higher for the search term 'lesbians selling vibrators to housewives door to door'. I really must stop typing that…

    All of this came about when I started writing the Lesbian Sex Toys Buyer's Guide.

    In order to pick a good title, I chose to check the search terms that most often lead to Lovehoney featuring the word 'lesbian'.

    Within the 1000 search terms there were some very bizarre entries. Some made me laugh, some made me feel a bit sick and others just confused the hell out of me!

    I thought I'd compile a list of my top ten favourite lesbian search terms that lead to Lovehoney, in the hopes that someone could help me understand what is so appealing about door to door vibrator sales people and if this is a market that Lovehoney should be branching in to sometime soon…

    Tetris for lesbians

    1. "Free Online Games For Lesbians"
    Because Tetris is clearly too heterosexual with all that 'block inserting'.

    2. "Girls Aloud Lesbians"
    I think that's just wishful thinking from an obsessed Cheryl Cole fan.

    3. "Granny Lesbians Judo"
    So let me get my head around this – you want a pensioner, who is a lesbian, doing judo? Niche market, much?

    /product.cfm?p=155994. "Foot Lesbians"
    My right foot is totally gay. My left foot refuses to identify with your 'labels', man!

    5. "Femme Lesbians Promiscuouser"
    Promiscuouser, you say? That's unpossible!

    6. "Download Wallpapers Size 1280 x 800 of Lesbians"
    High res lezbian is in ur computer, posing provocatively on ur desktop.

    7. "Do Lesbians Wear Hats?"
    This is clearly one for the Mythbusters team…

    Prostidude Multi-Head Massive Dildo8. "Brutal Lesbians Huge Dildos"
    Tell me that doesn't sound like a name for a death metal band… Just imagine it in a spikey font with blood dripping from it. Yeah, BROOTAL!

    9. "20 Mins Lesbians Selling Door to Door Tubes"
    The Avon lady just got sexier! There are at least 12 search terms, featuring the words 'lesbian' and 'door to door'. This is the only one using the word 'tube', however.

    10. "Lesbians Eating Poop"
    At least we should be thankful that you didn't use the phrase 'shit muncher'.

    Check back soon for more horrific search terms that lead to Lovehoney! Maybe we can fulfil a strange desire or bizarre fetish for you?

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    • Ecksvie: November 08, 2009 23:46
      I expect number ten was someone searching for "Two Girls, One Cup" but didnt know what it was called!

      I love crazy stuff like this though. I have a website myself and I love looking at the website stats and seeing some of the truly weird stuff that people have found it by typing in. It makes you wonder how many pages into Google they were when they found your site!

    • Phone Sex: August 14, 2010 06:33
      Glad to know that lesbians are selling vibrators door to door.
      Thanks to the author for getting your time to create this awesome article.
    • CaRiE: January 02, 2012 03:05
      I was thinking about selling lingerie door to door, but first to get screened customers before heading out.
      I would be worried just knocking on any door.
      How can I screen out customers?
      Carie 19f bi
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