1. Weekly Sex Blog Round-Up

    Weekly Sex Blog Round-Up

    Welcome to Lovehoney's weekly sex blog round-up!

    As usual, I, Harrie Handley, will be your compere, your ring master and your guide through everything smutty and saucy in the blogosphere.

    See my latest picks of naughtiness and suggest one of your own!

    • So Halloween has come and gone. In the end I dressed up as a zombie sailor girl. I must say that this year's standard of good costumes was immense. In my local pub alone I happened to meet the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew, a very much alive Elvis, a schizophrenic devil and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Of course it's not just me that seems to be talking about how great their Halloween was this year. It seems that a lot of effort was put in by everyone, including the celebs. Check out what the A list dressed up as over at Jezebel. I love Gwen Steffani's Jessie the Cowgirl outfit. Not sure about Mariah Carey's angelic look though.
    • The Cowgirl, the Cowboy, Doggy, Scissors, Spoons, 69… the list of sex positions goes on and on but if you're anything like John DeVore over at the Frisky then you'll agree that the Greatest Sex Position Ever is missionary. And in the hope of not sounding boring, I may have to agree!
    • Seven Til Midnight Multi-Layer Mesh Ruffled Boy ShortsIt's all in the name of scientific research, apparently. This article on the Nerve, filed under their 'I Did It For Science' section is entitled 'Selling Panties on Craigslist'. Would you sell your used underwear for a quick buck? This lady did and it makes for quite a good story!
    • I discovered the blog, The Red Sneaker Diaries, a few days ago and ever since I've been hooked on it. There's everything you could possibly want from one sex blog - saucy erotica, honest reviews on sex toys, spot on advice and a great insight into one hell of a sex life! I recommend giving it a look.
    • Durex Extra Safe Condoms (12 Pack)Sex and birth control has come a long, long way. After reading this article about the Evolution of Birth Control on News Week I'm actually rejoicing over the modern day condom. 18th century condoms were made out of animal guts and packaged in paper envelopes. Think I'll stick with Durex, thanks.
    • I do love following the dating adventures of Harriet Donato on O'Joy. Not only do we have the same first name but we also seem to have the same bad luck with terrible men. Her latest installment on her love life is called No No NoNoNo and I think you can guess by that title that it's not a story that ends with wedding bells ringing.

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    • Red: November 04, 2009 22:09
      Hi Harrie - Thanks so much for the link love :) I am glad you like my blog, and I'm thrilled that you highlighted the diversity of my posts. After many years of writing, it's gone all over the map. The link to the story about selling panties on criagslist is hysterical!
    • Lady Evyl: November 10, 2009 02:29
      Loved the selling parties story. As a Mistress I have posted actually on Craigslist selling used panties and used shoes too. If you take a bit of time working the 'prospect' up you get easy repeat orders too lol.