1. How to Choose Lesbian Sex Toys

    When searching for sex toys, it often seems like the majority of them are aimed at the heterosexual market but there's actually a large amount of pleasure products that are perfect for Sapphic sensuality.

    From strap-ons to double dildos, from clitoral vibes to oral sex simulators, there's lots of lesbian-friendly sex toys out there, so enjoy and explore with the aid of Lovehoney.

    All By Myself

    Most sex toys are designed for solo masturbation and tend to avoid the subject of gender and sexuality quite well. After all, a bullet vibrator can feel just as good on a clitoris as it can on a man's perineum. But are there any sex toys designed especially for the gay girl to play on her own?

    Well, yes!

    Silicone Vibrators
    Lovehoney Super7 Smoothie Silicone VibratorSilicone vibrators are particularly popular for two reasons - the shapes aren't overly phallic and they feel as good as they look.

    The Lovehoney Super7 Smoothie Silicone Vibrator is ideal for solo play as it has an ergonomic shape that fits you perfectly.

    Just like an attentive lover, the Smoothie has different sensations to suit you and can change intensity and function in a snap!

    Oral Sex Simulators
    Another great range of sex toys aimed at the lesbian market are oral sex simulators because, let's face it, the girls do it better!

    Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex SimulatorIf you're looking for something more intense, you'll want to grab the Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator.

    Perfect for those times when you're away from your girlfriend, the Sqweel gives you the sensations you crave with 10 spinning tongues - just add lube!

    Come Together

    If you're hooked up, then there's no reason you can't share your sex toys with a partner.

    No matter if you're gay, lesbian, bi or straight, if you plan on enjoying your pleasure products with someone else, you should always clean them before and after use and have some condoms and dental dams handy for when you decide to switch.

    So what products are out there for the gorgeous girls who want to spice up their sex lives?

    Bullet vibrators

    Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet VibratorWhy not start with a small bullet or egg vibrator that is totally tantalising during tribbing? The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is small and discreet allowing you to slip it between you and your partner, catching both your clitorises at the same time.

    If you want that same frottage experience but with something hands-free, check out Lovehoney's range of butterfly vibrators. Slip one on and get ready for some fun!

    Double Dildos

    Jelly Double Dildo 12.5 InchIntimate and sexy, using a double dildo gives you the choice of numerous positions and the ultimate in penetrative pleasure.

    The Jelly Double Dildo 12.5 Inch is great whether you're a double dildo enthusiast or just starting out. The firm shaft makes it easy to share but it also bends enough to allow you to try different positions, both alone and with a partner.

    The good thing about double dildos is that they start small and unintimidating, such as the Lovehoney Double Header Orgasmic Glass Dildo 7 Inch, but can get as large as you like! Our current biggest is the Doc Johnson Giant 28 Inch Double Dildo!

    Strap-ons and Harnesses

    Sportsheets Blush Hareness and Dildo SetAlthough they may seem old fashioned and clichéd, a decent strap-on is the perfect sex toy to have in your arsenal. Using a strap-on with your girlfriend allows you to get that face-to-face intimacy that other sex toys just don't allow.

    A personal favourite would be the Sportsheets Blush Harness and Dildo Strap-On Set. Not only is the jock style harness incredibly comfortable but the curved dildo is specially shaped to hit your partner's G-spot! It also comes with three interchangeable O-rings, allowing you to attach absolutely any sex toy you want - nifty!

    As well as the classic strap-on, there's now the strapless strap-on - a kind of double dildo which allows you to thrust in a natural and effective way.

    Tantus Feeldoe Classic Vibrating Silicone Double DildoIf you've ever had that 'phantom penis' feeling during sexy time, the Tantus Feeldoe Classic Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo overcomes it completely and allows you both to enjoy the fun of penetrative sex.

    Simply slip the G-spot curve inside yourself and your pelvic floor muscles will tighten and hold it in place. The external shaft is flexible, allowing you to explore multiple positions and different ways to stimulate your partner. It also has a vibrating bullet inserted into the base so you both get a satisfying and sensual buzz.

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