1. New Fleshlight and TENGA sex toys for men

    New Fleshlight and TENGA sex toys for men

    Amidst the giddy sex toy revolution that is Sqweel, it's easy to forget that men like sex toys too - but we haven't! Recently we've seen the launch of better-than-ever male sex toys from both Fleshlight and TENGA - and just in case you missed them, here's a quick low-down…

    Fleshlight Vibro - now the Fleshlight vibrates

    Fleshlight Vibro
    At last the Fleshlight vibrates! Fleshlight Vibro is the vibrating version of the best selling male sex toyin the world. Enhance your Fleshlight enjoyment with three (count 'em!) powerful vibrating bullets. Whether you're after your first Fleshlight or you're a connoisseur of the shoe method, you'll be wanting to try the power-packed version ASAP.

    New TENGA Black Flip Hole

    TENGA Black Flip Hole
    The original TENGA Flip Hole caused an absolute sensation when it was launched in the UK last year. The best-selling male sex toy in Japan delighted UK men as much as it had pleased in the east. The new TENGA Black Flip Hole provides more of the same kind of amazing stimulation, with an entirely new internal structure and sleek black exterior. Availability is limited, so if you see it in stock, buy it!

    Fleshlight Vibro - now the Fleshlight vibrates

    New TENGA Egg Styles
    One of the best kept secrets in male masturbation is the TENGA Egg, a stretchable masturbator that comes with a pouch of lube. Three new styles are available, TENGA Egg Twister, TENGA Egg Stepper and TENGA Egg Silky - or you can buy them all in a TENGA Egg Carton. These eggs aren't available from your milkman.