1. Sqweel is back in stock - grab one before they're all gone!

    Sqweel is back in stock - grab one before they're all gone!

    The wait is over - the revolutionary Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator is back in stock. It's exclusive to Lovehoney… you can't get it anywhere else!

    With 10 teasing, incredibly realistic silicone tongues, Sqweel is the most innovative sex toy since the rabbit vibrator. And judging by your comments, Sqweel has 'gone down' a storm.

    Reviewer imeldaimelda says: "It’s really great quality with soft and flexible tongues, in a very well designed case which is really easy to hold and manoeuvre to the right spot."

    "I honestly believe that if enough women find out about this, it could be as revolutionary as the Rabbit - if not more so!" enthuses LivingFire.

    Don't delay, get your Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator today!

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    • thepinkpoppet: October 27, 2009 00:52
      This thing has become the talk among some of my blogging friends. I'd love to try one out and review it for my blog as well as for you. It is absolutely fascinating. I'm amazed that nobody thought of this before now.
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