1. Is it safe to use sex toys while I am pregnant?

    Is it safe to use sex toys while I am pregnant?

    Sex and pregnancy is still something of a taboo, despite it being one of the most natural things possible.

    During pregnancy, your hormones go wild and some days you'll be craving non-stop multiple orgasms and other days you'd happily leave your Jessica Rabbit Vibrator to gather dust under the bed.

    So enjoy the beautiful and rewarding time that is pregnancy, without the worry!

    Is it safe to use sex toys when pregnant?

    Although there is no hard scientific evidence to establish if the use of sex toys are harmful or not during pregnancy, experts generally agree that orgasms are safe and even healthy, for normal pregnant women so don't pack away your vibes just yet!

    What are the dangers of using a sex toy during pregnancy?

    First of all, don’t be embarrassed to ask your GP if it is safe for you to engage in sexual activity – they honestly get asked it every single day and won’t make you feel bad or patronise you for it.

    Lovehoney Love Bunny Vibrating Bullet VibratorThe majority of women are encouraged to enjoy sex and sex toys during pregnancy as it helps to relieve stress and tension, but if you are at risk from pre-term labour, premature rupture of membranes, bleeding or you have any history of abnormal pregnancies, you may not be able to use sex toys without risking the health of your baby and yourself.

    There is a small chance that an orgasm could induce premature labour in some women with a history of it or who have experienced early cervical changes or frequent uterine contractions.

    It is better to be safe than sorry, so always check with your midwife or GP before attempting anything.

    What sex toys are recommended for use during pregnancy?

    Sliquid H2O Water Based LubricantThe safest sex toys to use during pregnancy tend to be vibrators. They’re easy to clean, easy to use and don’t put your body under any unnecessary stress.

    Both mild and intense vibrations are perfectly safe for pregnant women and will not harm a healthy baby or the glowing mum-to-be.

    First of all, choose a good water-based lubricant! Hormonal changes during pregnancy can often lead to a lack of secretion so a smooth water-based lubricant which will replicate your own natural fluids is ideal. Sliquid H2O Original Lubricant is ideal during pregnancy thanks to its long lasting formula which is glycerin and paraben free, so you won’t experience any irritation or infection.

    Lovehoney Ladyfinger 2.0 Mini VibratorSecondly, consider what your body is craving. If your skin is ultra sensitive then you’ll want to go for something with adjustable vibrations so you can start slow and mild then build your way up. The Lovehoney Ladyfinger 2.0 Mini Vibrator is ideal for subtle stimulation as it has a smooth exterior and adjustable speeds of vibration.

    If you’re struggling to orgasm and feel like you’re losing sensation, you may want to try something a bit stronger. The Lovehoney Silencer Vibrator is perfect for strong stimulation as it has a textured shaft and intense vibrations that can be felt from base to tip.

    As for size, you may want to consider smaller sex toys as larger insertable toys can feel uncomfortable the further you get into your pregnancy. In Lovehoney’s range of mini vibrators, you’ll find the Tracey Cox Supersex Mini Rabbit Vibrator which provides you with gentle penetrative play and orgasmic clitoral stimulation, so you get the best of both worlds.

    Common Myths

    Bondage Boutique Fluffy Feather TicklerIf you use a sex toy or have sex during pregnancy, you won’t accidently knock or poke the baby! The gap between the vaginal passage and the womb is protected by the cervix and two membrane cushions known as the chorion and amnion, so there’s no chance of disturbing your baby during the rumpus!

    Despite popular belief, not every woman is horny 24/7 during pregnancy. In fact, many women find that their sex drive drops dramatically and they no longer have any interest in sex at all. But don’t panic! Your libido will return to normal once your hormones levels out.

    Kinky sex isn’t completely out of the question during pregnancy. Light spanking and tickling can feel brilliant and even some tie up fun is fine! Just make sure you don’t cut off the blood supply to any part of your body and avoid pressing, slapping or spanking anywhere but the bottom.