1. Pornstars and Pizzas - Lovehoney at Venus Berlin

    Pornstars and Pizzas - Lovehoney at Venus Berlin

    Guten Tag!

    The Lovehoney team have just arrived in Berlin for the fantastic, naughty, erotic and downright pornographic Venus show!

    The top names in sex toys, lubricants, lingerie, bondage, fetish and film gather here every year to swap cards, mingle and generally do business. So naturally, Lovehoney had to make an appearance!

    Although Lovehoney aren't exhibiting, we have been wandering around talking to new suppliers, trying to get great deals on the most brilliant sex toys around and showing off our fantastic new sex toy - the Lovehoney Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator!

    Keep checking the Lovehoney Blog over the next few days for video and photographic updates and all the saucy goings-on at Venus - including the entire Lovehoney team trying to ride (steady!) a giant I Rub My Duckie!

    Comments (2)

    • Jake: October 15, 2009 18:59
      Carly ist lecker! :P
    • Mike Darnell: October 16, 2009 08:22
      Hi Carly,

      Doing a video blog of the Venus Berlin show is a fantastic idea!
      It would be great to have you as our guest at the TOY booth where we're launching our company's first line - the Calla Lily Erotic Icon vibrators with a "Lucky 7" retailer promotion.

      We are located at stand 43 in hall 22b.

      Hope to have you as our guest :)