1. Read the best 5 sex toy reviews of the week

    Read the best 5 sex toy reviews of the week

    Welcome to our regular round-up of the best sex toy reviews from the past week.

    You've been offering your candid opinions on everything from lubricants to corsets to bondage kits, delivering killer consumer advice in the process.

    And then take a look at the best reviews from our friends at edenfantasys in the United States. Lovely to see that they're as passionate about their toys as you are!

    Lovehoney's 5 Best Reviews of the Week

    Liquid Silk

    Disco Dave reviews Liquid Silk
    Often as not the best reviews get straight to the point so when Disco Dave begins his review with… "Liquid Silk is by far, without a doubt, the best lube I have ever used! Here's why:" - you know he's not going to go around the houses! A super review…

    Waterproof Super Twist Silicone Vibrator 6 Inch

    Spanish Fly loves her new Super Twist Vibe
    On her debut review, Spanish Fly coins the killer phrase, "household pervertables". A victory for common sense! Not only that, she delivers an excellent summation of the good and bad bits of her new vibrator.

    Fetish Fantasy Suction Cuff Bondage Kit

    Kinkymiss gets to grips with her Fetish Fantasy Suction Cuff Bondage Kit
    It's clear reading this review just what the USP is with this kit: suction cups. Of course, the suction cups are attached to cuffs, hence the name of the product. And Kinkymiss and her hubbie have discovered that these suckers stick to surfaces like crazy - so you're not tied down (her pun!) to one position.

    Sweet Streak Flower Print Contrast Corset Set

    Lubyanka slips into her Sweet Streak Royal Brocade Lace-Up Corset Set Lubyanka does not do things by halves. Her reviews are deeper than the sea and for that we are eternally grateful. So if you can't decide whether to treat yourself to this corset set after reading her dissertion… it's because it's got its good bits and bad bits!

    Brandon Lee SensaFirm Dildo

    truther discovers the phenomenal Brandon Lee SensaFirm Dildo
    truther is a dildo expert - a cursory glance at her/his review history tells us as much. And truther is convinced that this dildo's 6.5 inches amounts to a lot more in real life… "Brandon Lee is packing".

    Another sterling effort from everyone. Want to tell the world about your experiences with the toys (and much more!) you've bought from Lovehoney? Here's where you review your sex toys.


    And from our friends in the US, edenfantasys, comes their best five reviews of the week… here's Gary to tell you all about it.

    Welcome to the Weekly Review Round-Up.

    Let's get down to business here… the magic number for this week is 162!!! Right now, you should try to picture Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, putting his fingers together while saying "Excellent". Great Job everyone!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here are this week's 5 reviews…

    satanikangel666: "Bumpy Pleasure" – a review of the Glass Probe by WHK GmbH. I'd like to welcome the newest review contributing member of our community, satanikangel666! She loves glass, and she gave this 6 bulbed glass dildo an amazing 5 star rating… want to know why? Take a look at her review!

    Red Roulette: "I, Hood (for Mickey Spillane fans)" – a review of the Leather Hood by Spartacus Enterprise. This is a great review. Not only does this review explain the use and care for this mask (with a touch of humor thrown in), but it also gives us a quick lesson in the psychology of using such a mask. You must check this one out!

    Cinnamon: "Tickle Your Fancy" – a review of The Tease Traditional vibrator by Topco Sales. The Tease seems to be an interesting yet simple twist of combining 2 things most people love into one toy. Kind of like chocolate and peanut butter (in a round about sort of way).

    Josmoseph: "Kinky Dinky…." – a review of the Large Fluorescent Liquid Latex Body paint by SVT Inc. Josmoseph tells us all his about his adventures with this paint on latex. It's sort of like painting on an article of latex clothing. Let's check out the review to find out more about this crazy stuff.

    Yeti: "1974 Commemorative Edition Delight" – a review of the Penthouse Laura Doone 1974 hairy pussy Penis sleeve by Topco Sales. Yes yes, this is my review! Just to be clear, I did not include it as a shameless act of self promotion. The bottom line here is that this is one crazy awesome toy. I would most likely have included anyone's review of this toy, but it just so happens that all the pleasure was mine. I have joked in the past about how there should be a classic porn series of commemorative plates… well somebody did one better and created the commemorative sex toy.

    That's it for this week folks. Lube up, and have a great week!

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