1. Love It! Magazine's Best British Sex Toys!

    Love It! Magazine's Best British Sex Toys!

    Lovehoney has teamed up with Love It! Magazine to find the best in British sex toys.

    With a team of intrepid testers and a bundle of sex toys at the ready, we wanted to discover what sex toys would remain in British bedside drawers for many years to come and what would be binned!

    Love It! Magazine managed to find us 12 sex toy testers (out of a massive 800 applicants - thank you so much) who wanted to spice up their sex lives - and what better way than with a basket full of naughtiness from the biggest online sex toy retailer in the UK?

    With four categories and three different sex toys in each, it was a gargantuan task to undertake, but our testers managed it!

    After weeks of trying, testing, reviewing and rating, our brilliant sex toy testers submitted their scores and let us know exactly what was top and what was not.

    Check out this week's edition of Love It! Magazine to see the overall scores but for the top picks, read on to find out more…

    Best British Sex Toy for Single Ladies

    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator

    Winner: Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator
    We knew a rabbit would be on the list of best sex toys but we had no idea just how popular the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 would be!

    Out of all the reviews and ratings, this rotating and vibrating rabbit stood out from the rest for its power, number of functions and waterproof abilities.

    Sex toy tester Poppy explained:

    "The only downside to this is that it makes orgasms so easy you might never want a man again!"

    Pick up your Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator today and see exactly why it was voted as one of the best British sex toys!

    Best British Sex Toy on a Budget

    Lovehoney Bang Bang Bullet Vibrator

    Winner: Lovehoney Bang Bang Bullet Vibrator
    Small, sweet and discreet, the Lovehoney Bang Bang Bullet Vibrator is a fairly innocuous little thing but it really packs a punch!

    Costing just £6.99 (and part of our incredible 3 for 2 section) this powerful single speed bullet vibe is perfect for girls on the go.

    Our Love It! Magazine testers couldn't get enough of the quick-touch activation and strong sensations.

    Reviewer Angie loved this naughty little vibe:

    "It doesn't look like it is going to do much, but it is very powerful. Extremely good value for money."

    Best British Sex Toy for Couples

    Tracey Cox Supersex Massager Vibrator

    Winner: Tracey Cox Supersex Massager Vibrator
    Sometimes you want to share the pleasure with your partner and the best way to do that is with the Tracey Cox Supersex Massager Vibrator!

    Our team of Love It! Magazine testers couldn't help but be amazed by its smooth shape, multispeed vibrations and non-threatening look.

    Hilary explained:

    "I really enjoyed using this product. It was nice to look at and was easy to use too. The vibrations could be adjusted and it was quite quiet and discreet."

    Fancy treating your partner to a sensual massage? Want to tease and tingle with a range of vibrations? Pick up your Tracey Cox Supersex Massager Vibrator for £14.99 now and enjoy a night in with your partner that you'll want to repeat again and again…

    Best British Sex Toy for Fun

    Lovehoney iBuzz two Vibrator

    Winner: Lovehoney iBuzz Two Vibrator - Music Activated Sex Toy
    Sex doesn't have to be serious; in fact, it's usually a lot of fun! And what better way to enjoy yourself than with a multi-function sex toy that vibrates in time to the music on your iPod?

    Out of the three technology-enhanced, super-fun sex toys we sent to the Love It! Magazine testers, the iBuzz came out on top for its clever design, interchangeable cock ring and bunny sleeves and musical sensations!

    Toy tester Julie explained:

    "Once again the rabbit ears did it for me - god, they are good! And when the iBuzz is combined with the cock ring sleeve… well, let's just say it was a long night! This is a good investment for couples and you get a lot for your money."

    Buy your own Lovehoney iBuzz Two Vibrator for just £19.99 and you can be enjoying the powerful vibrations that pulse in time to your music in no time at all!

    If you missed out on being a Love It! Magazine Best of British Sex Toys Tester, don't worry! We're always looking for sex toy testers here at Lovehoney, so follow these simple instructions and get ready for some frisky fun!

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