1. Ultimate Decadence - A Free Extract and Free Lubricant Too!

    Ultimate Decadence - A Free Extract and Free Lubricant Too!

    Ultimate Decadence is not only an amazing book filled with awesomely erotic stories, it is also part of the Burlesque Against Breast Cancer campaign!

    Check out the free extract below and then pick up your copy.

    As well as supporting Macmillan Cancer Support with this collection of tawdry tales, you'll also receive a set of free Durex Play Sensations Personal Lubricant Sachets worth £3.99.

    The free extract is from Poppy Winters' opening story 'Ultimate Decadence'. True to its name, this story reflects exactly what this book is about; celebrating female sexuality in all it's forms through pampering and luxury.

    We join Davina, a disgruntled new employee at a cosmetics firm, as she approaches her boss Anthony to complain about the poor working conditions and poor pay. Does Anthony have a proposition she can't refuse or will Davina be left to work a job which she hates forever? Read on to find out…


    Anthony went to the far wall, where there was a brass rectangle of black switches and buttons, like an old-fashioned stage-light control panel, and Davina followed him.

    "Let me show you something," said Anthony.


    "Wait," he instructed, flicking three of the switches and pressing a button. After a second or two, there were gurgling, whooshing sounds like someone hosing down a car.

    "Anthony, what's that noise?" said Davina, turning around. As she did so, she nearly fell over in shock.

    The giant champagne bottle in the centre of the room had exploded with water, shooting frothing, fizzy liquid from its neck high into the air. Fizzy water rained down, splashing onto the glittering, concave base of black gems that made a wide circle around the bottom of the bottle.

    "It's like a fountain," Davina gasped.

    Ultimate Decadence"Do you want to go under it?"

    "What, you mean stand under it?"

    Anthony nodded. "The water's heated."

    Davina went to the fountain and held her fingers under the spray. The water was warm and fizzy. It made her skin tingle and with a whoop she jumped under the warm water, laughing and shrieking, throwing her long arms into the air, letting water froth all over her, on her hair and shoulders, dripping from the crystals and diamante hung about her body. She lifted her head up and opened her mouth, letting water fill it up and flow over her lips and chin, holding her fingers out and letting the liquid rain between them.

    Anthony took a seat on a sofa next to the fountain and watched her twirl around and laugh and run her hands along her arms and through her hair, body soaked, hair lying in shiny waves around her tanned shoulders.

    After a moment Davina noticed him sitting there and, all of a sudden, in his sharp suit and designer shoes, sitting on a sofa covered with money, he looked like the most attractive thing she'd ever seen. Her arms fell to her sides and she stood limpin the fountain, the raining water around her totally forgotten.

    The next moment, Anthony was beside her, undoing the fastenings at her neck and back. The crystal dress fell on the hard floor, crashing like a chandelier, but Anthony left the diamante chains untouched. She felt firm hands stroke and squeeze - almost too firm.

    He pulled her out of the fountain and threw her onto the sofa, where she fell willingly, front first, breasts pressing into scattered pound notes and swaying strings of crystal, exhilarated and eager for whatever was coming next.

    Anthony was behind her then, taking a handful of notes and rubbing them over her buttocks and shoving them between her legs. Then he threw her on her back, taking a single note and rolling it into a loose tube. He pushed the bill inside her, watching her look pleasurably shocked as he did so.

    "You've got the right body for this," Anthony whispered, feeling along the back of her strong thighs.

    "The best girls here have some flesh on them - it suits the outfits better." While he pushed the note deeper inside her, his free hand undid his trousers and freed a very long, very hard cock, which he manoeuvred towards her mouth.

    "Of course, you have to show me you can do the job." He pressed his cock against her lips.

    Davina looked up at him for a moment, uncertain. Then she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it with vigour, until Anthony stumbled and had to catch himself on a glass table. He took her head then, and forced his cock further into her mouth, heeing how far he could push her before she recoiled.

    But she didn't recoil, and he pushed his whole cock into her mouth. While she sucked it willingly, Anthony searched around in his trouser pocket and produced something resembling a shiny gold coin. He pushed Davina back so she fell against the sofa again, on her back this time, and held the coin a few inches from her face like a magician about to perform a trick. It was a condom, a gold one, and Davina watched with a sense of eager dread as he rolled gold rubber over his cock.

    burlesque against breast cancer

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