1. Weekly Sex Blog Round-Up

    This week in the world of sex blogs, I've been looking at unusually shaped dildos, the male-female communication divide and the new Tenga Eggs.

    Take a look at my top picks from Lovehoney's favourite bloggers and don't forget to get in touch if you have a story that you'd like to see featured.

      Lovehoney Venus Butterfly Strap-on Vibrator
    • I wouldn't say that I'm easily shocked, which is a good thing considering the nature of my job. However, I had to take a moment when I read a particular review on the Pop My Cherry site.

      Each week Pop My Cherry write about a strange sex toy, and the Timber Wolf Dildo is most certainly that! A dildo based on the penis of a wolf is not something that gets me going, although it would seem that this particular reviewer was quite pleased with hers. I guess animals and sex toys are not uncommon (rabbit vibrators, ducks, even butterfly's in the form of Lovehoney's hands free orgasm device) but this seems to be going too far for me. Each to their own, is what I say!
    • Do you know your bedroom manners? I didn't before I read this article on Savvy Miss, but I now like to think I'm the politest shag in town
    • It would seem quite a hot topic on the blogosphere this week is about the male species' inability to understand females, especially when it comes to women not being interested and men just not comprehending or taking the hint. Annie Winter seems to have summed it up perfectly on her blog 'You're Kidding,Right?' and it put a smile on my face.
      Tenga Egg Spider
    • Not too long ago I mentioned my want of a penis so I could put it in Japan's number 1 male sex toy, the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator, or actually any one of their products including the TENGA Eggs. However, I do feel that I have a duty to explain to whoever posted this TENGA video on Noob.us that no, the TENGA Egg's are not edible; they are for something even better!
    • The perfect kiss is hard to find or more likely it's hard to find someone who can give you the perfect kiss. Apparently iVillage believe that you can have the perfect Orgasmic French Kiss. Whether or not the kiss itself will lead to an orgasm or if the kiss will just lead to something else (that will hopefully result in an orgasm) I couldn't tell you. But there is a lot of good advice here. Except the bit that recommends kissing other body parts, including the eye. If anyone tried to French kiss my eye I think I'd have to push them off and warn them not to touch me ever again.
    • I know I shouldn't laugh at crime, but I came across this blog on The Frisky the other day about $400,000 worth of undies that were stolen from a delivery truck. The robbers got away with underwear, tights, garters, stockings and shoes. Although I don't condone this kind of behavior, I can't help thinking how great it would be to have a small percentage of their newly acquired goods!