1. The Rival - As Read By Our Jack-Off-Anory Video Winner!

    You may remember that a short while ago we launched a follow up to our Erotic Story Competition, known as the Lovehoney Jack-Off-Anory Video Competition.

    In this competition, we asked all our talented blog readers, forum members and customers to create a video reading one of the winning erotic stories. The prize being £100 worth of sex toys from the Lovehoney site!

    Not only was this competition an incredible success but it gave the Lovehoney team plenty of laughs, a lot of blushing cheeks and more than a handful of smiles that lasted all day.

    And for those reasons we are pleased to announce the winner as Lady Lubyanka - blogger, musician and woman of many talents!

    Lady Lubyanka’s reading of ‘The Rival’, with acting courtesy of the gorgeous Gertie, gave us all some big laughs and really brought the story to life.

    You can check out Lady Lubyanka’s brilliant winning video on her Spleencast Blog and read along with Jay David’s winning story too.

    Congratulations Lady Lubyanka – we hope to see a lot more of you and Gertie soon!

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