1. Audio Books and Sexy Accents - Get Sex Tips on Your iPod!

    Audio Books and Sexy Accents - Get Sex Tips on Your iPod!

    Sexual education shouldn't stop once you leave school, in fact, that is when it should really begin!

    Sex advice is always available from Agony Aunts in magazines and newspapers and if you have the time, it's always worth picking up a better sex guide to dip in and out of before you get busy.

    But having the time to really concentrate on learning new techniques and taking on new ideas is often difficult, especially in the current busy and bustling world where there's always a form that needs filling in or a Twitter account to update!

    But what if you could pick up sexy hints and tips on your morning run? Or how about learning the most exciting, confidence-building, sex-enhancing techniques whilst wandering around the supermarket?

    Well, now you can! In fact, you can get brilliant sex advice from Susan Quilliam and Jim Davis of LBC fame, anytime and anywhere with their new audio downloads!

    Sex Advice Audio BooksWe here at Lovehoney absolutely adore Susan Quilliam's books but her audio books with Jim Davis are simply fantastic!

    Each 45 minute track contains five amazing tips on several subjects including successful dating, driving her wild in the bed or driving him wild in the bed. Meooww!

    These audiobooks are great for downloading on to your MP3 player or iPod and listening to whenever you have time. They're easy to understand and genuinely helpful too!

    As much as we love Susan's sweet tones and Jim's dulcet voice, we couldn't help but come up with a list of other sexy voices that we'd love to hear giving us sex advice…


    1. Jason Statham – His raspy cockney accent is sure to keep you going on the exercise bike…
    "Right then, ere's what you're doing, right? Get in bed with your gal, grab 'er ariss and away you go! Job's a good 'un!"

    2. Pierce Brosnan – A strong English accent with an Irish lilt, what could be better?
    "I do believe we are having intercourse, my fair lady…"

    3. Greg Davies – Another English accent but with a strong, authoritative tone – yes Sir!
    "You there! Get the lube!"

    4. Rihanna – Whether she's singing or speaking, Rihanna's youthful Barbados accent absolutely melts hearts.
    "We can have sex under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh."

    5. Dean Elliott – The voiceover artist and head of Sliquid Lubricants has a deep, brooding American accent that would lend itself well to any better sex guide.
    "Hello! Have you tried Sliquid lubricants? You should! Give me your hand! Try it! Go on! Did I mention that I'm the CEO for Sliquid? Yeah, it's a good lube is that Sliquid stuff… Seriously, have some free Sliquid lubricant!"

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