1. The top 5 sex toy reviews of the week

    The top 5 sex toy reviews of the week

    "It was a good few minutes before I could leave the bread aisle!" exclaims Elle-Scotland, after enjoying her best ever trip to Tesco. It's as good a way as any to invite you to feast on this week's reviews round-up…

    Lovehoney's 5 Best Reviews of the Week

    Aneros MGX Prostate Massager

    "It kept him in a state of extreme arousal for hours whilst he pleasured me," says Kitty Karen of the toy she bought her husband. Then he takes over the reins to talk frankly about his new Aneros MGX Prostate Massager. Discover why he describes it as "the best male toy I've ever used".

    Supple Vibrating Cock Ring

    "It's impolite to type in capital letters on the internet and it's also impolite to shout about cock rings from the rooftops but I would like to do both," asserts one of Lovehoney's finest reviewers, CarolineJune. And it would be impolite not to read her excellent dissertation of her new Supple Vibrating Cock Ring.

    Kat Young Fleshlight Girls Lotus Fleshlight

    Looking back over superman's previous previews, it's clear he loves Fleshlights. A lot. Now he's getting his teeth (and more!) into a new Fleshlight. Find out where his Kat Young Fleshlight Girls Lotus Fleshlight sits in the pantheon of the greats…

    CB-6000 Male Chastity Kit

    It's all a bit male-dominated on the product side of things this week, eh? Although the next review is more dominated male! Reviewer KinkyCharlie slips on his CB-6000 Male Chastity Kit but does he find it arousing or frustrating?

    Oriental Ben Wa Balls

    And finally… to the toy that Elle-Scotland describes as, "The greatest aide to shopping since the invention of the trolley". She has "no idea if these have improved my orgasms OR my pelvic floor muscles," but her new Oriental Ben Wa Balls have made her trips to Tesco a lot more enjoyable!

    Thanks once again for all your reviews on the good, the bad and the ugly this week. Want to tell the world about your experiences with the toys (and much more!) you've bought from Lovehoney? Review your sex toys now!

    And from our friends in the US, edenfantasys, comes their best five reviews of the week… here's Gary to tell you all about it.

    The normal old school horror movie weather we always seem to have here in Philly, when I write the weekly roundup, has let up this week. I can actually see sunshine. I know, crazy! It looks as though we've had about 165 reviews come in this week… which is outstanding! Good work everyone!

    And now ladies and gentlemen, here are this weeks 5…

    Cinnamon: "The Go To BDSM Guide" - a review of the book Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns. Welcome to the community Cinnamon! Cinnamon submitted her very first review this week, of this BDSM guide. She tells us about how this timeless book is a great resource and would be an especially great book for BDSM newcomers.

    Sex, Lies & Pre-Law: "The Start of Something Wonderful!" - a review of the Kira's Violet Sidekick glass dildo by Phallix. Sex, Lies & Pre-Law tells us that "this is an endlessly satisfying dildo". So what more do you need to know, right? Well, maybe you should go take a look at her review to find out why this dildo is so satisfying.

    Miss Cinnamon: "Better Silicone = Better Sex" - a review of the Better Sex Essentials™ silicone lubricant by Sinclair Intimacy Institute. Here Miss Cinnamon tells us about how this silicone lube has "flown to the top of my list of lubes". Yes, better staying power leads to a little more clean up time, but that's a pretty minor side effect for great sex and a great lube that you can use "for everything except silicone toys".

    DBD: "One, two, and squeeze! One, two, and hold. C'mon just one more…" - a review of the Kegelcisor™ Enhancer vaginal exerciser by ISA Research and Education. To look at this exerciser out of context, I would never have guess what it really is. In her review DBD tells us that she has noticed the affects from use, even though the gremlins stole her instructions before she could read them.

    Carrie Ann: "Like a Sunrise for my Ass" - a review of the Amber Plug butt plug by Don Wands. Congratulations Carrie Ann on your 100th review! I am sure that by now most of you know this already, but if not, you should stop by the Whoa, Carrie Ann! Congratulations on doing 100 reviews - you rock!!! forum thread and congratulate her. In her review she tells us about how this glass plug is visually appealing, versatile, compatible with all lubes, and easy to clean. Still wanna know more? Go check out the review..

    Goodnight everyone. Be sure to use plenty of lube, and have a great week!