1. Female Ejaculation - Surprisingly Not As Common As We All Thought

    Squirting, female ejaculation, gushing – whatever you call it; it's the hottest topic around.

    Female ejaculation porn has become more widely accepted, videos and articles on how to squirt are exceptionally popular and there are even sex toys designed to replicate this wet and wild sensation!

    During our most recent poll, we asked 'have you ever experienced female ejaculation'? And the results were honest, enlightening and reassuring.

    Female Ejaculation Poll

    25% of people said that they had never experienced female ejaculation, but they would like to. This result really puts a smile on my face as it shows that people have come to understand, accept and embrace female ejaculation, but that it isn't as common as the internet leads us to believe!

    So don't worry ladies – you're far from a sexual failure because you don't squirt! In fact, only 11% of the people surveyed said that they squirt regularly.

    However, a shocking 6% voted for "women can't ejaculate it's all lies!"

    Yeah, come here and say that!

    Comments (5)

    • tina: September 21, 2009 21:14
      Coo! This is something I discovered since becoming "free".( It never happened in the marriage.)
      Sex now has the added Wow! factor.
      I ejaculate every time and it is always a sheet change after a sexy liason!
      It certainly turns lovers on. They really can't beleive their luck. It makes them more horney wanting more.

      Oh! I had a long term partner who really couldn't cope.(He thought ejaculation should not happen to women in their early 50s! Hey 50 is the new twenty! :- ) ) He sent me to the doctor as he thought it was abnormal! Luckily he is the exception.

      Not only do I ejaculate with a partner it happens with my toys! ...Wehey....It is a fantastic feeling.

    • suzy: September 24, 2009 18:37
      i found i could do it about 2 yrs ago im 34, it was a new thing for me and very exciting because i didnt think it was possible, it isnt something i can do to myself but i have a very good friend who knows exactly how to get me and my bed soaking wet lol im glad i have been able to experience this and wanna keep experiencing it x
    • Kat: October 12, 2009 13:59
      The first time I ejaculated was 5 years ago at the age of 44. It was the first time I used a strapon.. actually it was before I even got to even use the strapon, and the guy was ass-up in front of me. I had the most amazingly powerful spontaneous orgasm and squirted so hard that the liquid that hit the floor splashed onto my ankles! I was really shocked and wasn't sure what had happened.. I was unaware at the time of female ejaculation.

      Nowadays I still cum quite spontaneously with no extra stimulation when I get behind a guy when I'm wearing a strapon, and squirt every time. My boyfriend thinks this is great. It makes me feel a bit like a teenage boy suffering from premature ejaculation, but I just laugh and enjoy!

    • Bea: January 01, 2010 19:00
      I found I could ejaculate about a year ago. At first I could only do it to myself, but once it happened with my truly amazing lover, we both became converts. It seems to make multiple orgasms much easier, and thus we can have sex for hours. I like him to come all over me, and now that I know I can return the favour I feel really powerful and like an equal in bed. I have just invested in some PVC sheets from LoveHoney to cope with the vast mess it creates - I hope this was a good idea?! - as I don't want to be confined to having sex in the kitchen!
    • trish: March 26, 2010 20:00
      i seem to ejaculate when i have a very intense orgasm - so intense i almost pass out - not sure this is normal - my concern is that in fact i am 'short-circuiting' my brain - i am epileptic - and what seems to be 'cum' might be urine - i have no idea how to find out - have read lots of sites that argue about cum against urine and am still confused about it.