1. How To Get The Most From Your Glass Dildo

    How To Get The Most From Your Glass Dildo

    We have several new glass dildos here at Lovehoney, some from the brilliant Glass dildos range, a few from the gorgeous Heart 2 Heart collection and a brilliant harness compatible one too!

    If you’ve ever felt intimidated by glass dildos, you wouldn’t be the first – the hard, cold material seems a little uninviting, to say the least! But once you discover the amazing fun you can have with them, you’ll never look back.

    Firstly, let’s address some common misconceptions about glass dildos:

    - They will not shatter! Unlike drinking glasses, glass dildos are made from a toughened material known as borosilicate glass. This really does take some beating before it will break and even when it does; it breaks into cubes rather than shards to prevent injury.

    - They are too hard to feel good – false! The G-spot really needs firm stimulation in order to produce the desired effect and glass dildos are perfect for this! Use them gently and it will feel exceptionally teasing or use them hard when you’re up for something more rough and ready!

    - The vagina maintains a fairly high temperature in order to help with conception, but this doesn’t mean that a cold glass dildo won’t feel nice. In fact, a frozen glass dildo makes the G-spot extra sensitive, so internal orgasms are much, much easier!

    Secondly, using a glass dildo has never been simpler!