1. Sex Toys For Couples

    Sex Toys For Couples

    If you haven't already noticed, Lovehoney have just launched a brilliant new section of the site, known simply as Sex Toys for Couples.

    This little link contains everything you need to spice up your relationship and keep it passionate for years to come!

    From position enhancers to pegging sex toys, this amazing area of Lovehoney has the best naughty products for couples, packed into easily searchable categories.

    A few of our favourite sex toys for couples include:

    We-Vibe - sex toy for couplesWe-Vibe Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

    This brilliant sex toy is a must have every couple. One side slips inside the vagina and the other rests outside, providing incredible vibrations for him and her during intercourse.

    Body Spa Mesh Vibrating Sponge - sex toys for couplesBody Spa Mesh Vibrating Sponge

    Sometimes, the only time couples get to spend alone together is in the privacy of the bathroom. A soothing shower can be enhanced by the use of this discreet vibrating sponge. The splashing of the water helps to muffle any moans and groans too!

    Liberator Fascinator Luxury Sex Throw - sex toysLiberator Fascinator Luxury Sex Throw

    This silky smooth throw is sure to become an instant ‘Sex Toys For Couples’ favourite! Not only does it feel fantastic but it’s perfect for naughty outdoor romps, cuddling up on the sofa or protecting your new bed sheets from lubes and liquids. It's machine washable too!

    The sex toys for couples section can be found in the left-hand column on the home page, as well as in the general sex toys section.

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