1. Luxury Sex Toys

    Luxury Sex Toys

    If you're going to splash your cash, you might as well do it on a fabulous luxury sex toy from our massive range!

    After all, it'll bring you years of pleasure, always leave you smiling and you won't have to give it back when you break up!

    But when you're spending mega bucks, you want reassurance that what you're buying is worth it. After all, there's nothing more disappointing than spending a fortune on something only for it to massively fall short of your expectations.

    So how do you choose a luxury sex toy? What should you look for? Is there anything worth avoiding?

    Hey Good Looking!

    It is simple to spot a luxury sex toy:

    • Ergonomic design
    • Skin-safe materials
    • Innovative features
    • Price tag

    Eroscillator 2 PlusA good thing to remember when looking at luxury sex toys is that the price reflects the quality. You can buy a BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Finger Ring for £2.49 that lasts for 30 minutes or you can buy an Eroscillator 2 Plus for £114.99 that will last for years and years and years!

    The materials used in luxury sex toys all tend to be of the highest quality. Silicone, medical grade steel, hand-crafted ceramics, skin-safe rubber - these are just a few popular materials for high-end sex toys and they not only feel great but they're durable too.

    A massive amount of research goes into the creation of a designer sex toy with special attention being paid to the shape, construction and build of the product. Look for designs that are ergonomic and form-fitting, allowing you to avoid annoying achey wrists and numb arms!

    Gifts and Presents

    Luxury sex toys make fantastic presents but we'd highly recommend choosing carefully! A simple look at our most expensive products brings up the Rosebud Stainless Steel Extra Large Butt Plug - great for experienced anal enthusiasts, not great for people in new relationships with anal virgins!

    Consider the person you're buying for, what they're into and what they enjoy.

    /product.cfm?p=16826 If they're new to sex toys and you want to show them the classy side of kink, consider the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Multi-Function Clitoral Massager Vibrator. It works beautifully as a shoulder and neck massager but can lead to more intimate play too! It also comes presented in a gorgeous gift box that wouldn't look out of place on any bedside table.

    If they're more experienced, why not take a look at the SaSi by JeJoue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator? The controls are a little complicated to start with but once you get the hang of it, this oral sex simulator is orgasm central!

    It's a Man's World

    So far we've focused on the ladies and what luxury sex toys can do for them, but if you want to treat your man to something special then a sex toy is the ultimate gift!

    The classic luxury male sex toy is the Fleshlight - available in all different openings, colours and textures, this male masturbation device is perfect for him to use on his own but is also great for creating a 'threesome' atmosphere too!

    NobEssence Intrigue Wooden Dildo

    If you really want to step up the spending, why not buy him a magnificent prostate massager? The NobEssence Intrigue Wooden Massager is specially shaped to target the P-spot and has enough smooth, sensual curves to tip him over the edge!

    A good designer prostate massager for beginners is the Lelo Bob. Made of smooth silicone and available in regal red or blue, this is a little luxury that he'll never forget!

    When I Want Your Opinion, I'll Ask For It!

    When you're forking (heh, forking) out your wonga, you want to know that you're getting the best of the best. But how can you tell? Three points:

    • Reviews
    • Ratings
    • Opinion

    Vibe Therapy Zenith 7 Function Silicone VibratorAlways check the reviews and ratings for the product you're buying. All reviews on Lovehoney are written by real people so you know that you're getting an honest answer. This is especially important when considering a luxury sex toy as you can see if it's really worth it.

    Take the Vibe Therapy Zenith 7 Function Silicone Vibrator for example. At £64.99, this is definitely more of a naughty indulgence than an essential, but it has a great review and a high rating, proving that this sex toy is really worth the money.

    Designer Darling!

    Certain sex toy designers specialise in lavish products and have become well known for their expertise in the field. If you really want to impress, check out the following:

    Lelo - Boys, girls and couples can fall in love with these luxury sex toys!

    B3 - Gorgeous materials and stunning design!

    Eroscillator - Expensive but well worth every penny - just check the reviews!

    Nomi Tang - Luxurious lubes and brilliant vibrators.

    JimmyJane - As owned by numerous celebrities, JimmyJane sex toys are the pick of the crop.

    Vibe Therapy - Wow! These vibrators not only look fabulous but they're powerful too!

    Tenga - For gadget geeks, look no further than Japanese brand Tenga.