1. How to give him the perfect hand job!

    How to give him the perfect hand job!

    You can never underestimate the skill required to deliver a fantastic hand job - here are a few simple tips that will help to drive him wild.

    Giving a great hand job is a skill not to be underestimated. Seeing how he pleasures himself will give you an idea of the rhythm and technique he prefers, so whisper that you’d like to watch. Experiment with your grip - too firm (too soon) may not float his boat, but neither will a feeble stroke that’s too soft.

    ID CreamThe closer you can get to imitating the warmth, snugness and wetness of your vagina the better, so make sure you use lots of saliva, or preferably lube for longer-lasting glide. Warming lube can feel good, and ID Cream is excellent, as it stays put and doesn’t disappear at the crucial moment!

    A fun alternative is to wrap a string of beads loosely around your wrist, and then around his penis (but beware sharp clasps!). How many times you snake them round depends on the size of your necklace (and the size of his equipment) but for maximum ease and effect, roll them up and down his lubed-up shaft with both hands. You could even pop your pearls in the fridge for some added sensory stimulation.

    And if your man loves stockings, try slipping one over his erection and ask him to hold it taut. Then slip the other stocking over the first, and start stroking. You should only need the lightest of touches to make him come, as the friction between the stockings creates the sensation. So no tired wrists - and a novel way of recycling any hosiery with holes…