1. Reviews Round-Up - Your 5 Best of the Week!

    Reviews Round-Up - Your 5 Best of the Week!

    Welcome to the first of the new Lovehoney Community Best-Five-Reviews-Of-The-Week round-up. Before we applaud the word smithery, let's first stand back and raise a salute…

    76. SEVENTY SIX. In a single day. Yes, you can pat yourselves on the back (with whatever comes to hand - whoa there Mistress Cara!) because on Thursday August 20 the Lovehoney community committed 76 reviews to website.

    You're currently writing well over 200 reviews every week, providing the ultimate buying advice for folk across the planet.

    Highlights then… well there are too many to mention, so here's five of the best reviews from the last week-and-a-bit.

    Penthouse Lingerie Cherry Basque

    Mistress Cara's review of the Penthouse Lingerie Cherry Basque

    Mistress Cara pen-and-inked her debut review on August 20 and proceeded to scribble 20 (TWENTY!) more in the next five days. What a performer… She delivers Dom to the nation, not forgetting the 'i', of course.

    TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

    Discover why Student20 loves the TENGA Flip Hole

    Deep breath… for here comes the finest, most in-depth dissertation on the relative merits of the TENGA Flip Hole and the good ol' Fleshlight. Student20 doesn't do things by half. You might want to make a nice cup of tea before you settle down for this one.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

    fumbling and stumbling files his report on the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

    Here's the debut review from the beautifully monikered fumbling and stumbling who, after searching high and low for the toy that could finally make his wife orgasm for the first time, discovered a little silver bullet. But did the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator fulfill the requirements of Mrs Stumbling?

    Mantric Sysil Edge Adjustable Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo

    Elle-Scotland gets giddy with the Mantric Sysil Edge Adjustable Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo

    "Pop it in, then pop a pair of pants over it!" advises Elle-Scotland. "You will immediately fall about laughing." Read on and discover why you would even consider doing such a thing in her review of the toy that made her partner yell in capital letters, "STOP. PLEASE STOP!"

    Lelo BOB Luxury Silicone Prostate Massager

    Colourfulsmile's review of the Lelo BOB Luxury Silicone Prostate Massager

    Second-time reviewer Colourfulsmile has a new friend called Bob. "Bob knows where to go," he says. "You are in good hands with Bob." But does he view Bob as more than just a sex object? Find out in his splendid summation of the Lelo BOB Luxury Silicone Prostate Massager.

    Thanks for all your incredible efforts this week.

    NEW! And from our friends in the US at edenfantasys comes their weekly round-up…

    Gary at Edenfantasys says… This week's roundup will once again be brought to you from the Land of Shadows. Seriously, I have no idea why, but almost every week since I begin doing the roundups… when I sit down to start going through the reviews, the sky begins turning black. I am sure there will be some wicked thunderstorm action happening here shortly. It is strange, but I kind of like it. It somehow manages to ad a sinister twist to the roundup, and for me at least, that makes it a lot more fun.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we had 167 reviews come in this week. Outstanding! As usual great job everyone! Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have all been waiting for… welcome to this week's Weekly Review Roundup #9 'House by the Cemetery'.

    Sexy Skye: "My Little Secret *giggles*" – a review of the Glass Ben Wa Vaginal balls by Topco Sales. This is Sexy Skye's first review. Welcome to the community! (Make sure that you all stop by the Community Page and check out all the new reviewers who requesting upgrades!) Check out her review here discusses shopping while improving kegal muscles. These balls look pretty awesome, they are clear with a flower inside.

    Bolt Vanderhuge: "The Lotus is your best bet for back door fun" – a review of the Lotus Collection - Mini Butt Masturbator by California Exotics. HA!,You just got to read this one. I don't want to spoil the initial impression Bolt had of this sleeve or why. But it is quite humorous… and at the end of the day he gave it 5 stars.

    Red: "Double the Tristan is Double the Fun" – a review of the Tristan 2 Butt plug by Vixen Creations. This looks like a really great and safe plug high grade silicone butt plug, but why do we have to multiply it by two Red, why?

    Mamastoys: "Anyone want a frozen six pack of penises?" – a review of the Peni-Ice Tray by California Exotics. I receive so many emails every week asking me "yo, when is there gonna be more penis shaped food related items featured in the weekly roundup, dawg". Well here it is folks! Mamastoys review not only tells you about this ice tray, but she includes suggestions for all of your penis shaped food needs.

    Kuuipogal: "Brigitte, The (Not A Lot To) Love Doll" – a review of the Brigitte doll (with brown hair) Female love doll by Doc Johnson. This review is really funny, so I had to include it. Kuuipogal got a fine for taking this doll (in a bathing suit) swimming at the swimming pool. Go read it already!

    Well, goodnight everyone, I hope that you all have a great weekend, and don't forget to take some lube with you.

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