1. Ladies... learn to love your ladybits!

    Ladies... learn to love your ladybits!

    Many women think their ladybits are ugly or disfigured - let me reassure you that in 99.9% of cases they’re not, and luckily any man, or same-sex partner, who wants to become intimately acquainted with your nether regions is biologically programmed to find the sight, and smell, extremely arousing.

    When you have time and you know you won’t be disturbed, sit down and take a look at your private parts. Get yourself comfy in front of a hand-held mirror, and have a slow, gentle examination, whilst telling yourself that you’re perfect just as you are - every fold, every bit of you is beautiful because it’s you, and you’re unique. If you find you’re experiencing negative feelings, don’t suppress them - but don’t dwell on them either.

    There is a current trend for ‘designer vaginas’ where the labia are surgically ‘tidied up’ in a cosmetic procedure called labiaplasty, with a price tag of several thousand pounds. But the British Medical Association claims ‘it’s a fashion being driven by commercial and media pressures that exploit women’s insecurities, and is fraught with unknowns - including a risk to sexual arousal’.

    If you’re experiencing painful physical symptoms because of your vulva, or if your body loathing in this area is so intense that it’s affecting your everyday life, you can of course undergo surgery - but always make sure you get the opinion of a reputable, qualified practitioner before doing anything.

    An easier, cheaper and immediately effective way to become more comfortable with how you look downstairs, is to check out the frank and informative drawings in ‘Sex for One’ by the great sexual pioneer Betty Dodson, or take a look at the photos on the Vulval Health Awareness Campaign website which celebrates female sexuality in all its vulvic glory. They also have a wealth of info about vaginal health issues and a helpline - 07765 947 599.

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    • Caroline June: September 06, 2009 18:01
      Really enjoyed reading this and it's nice for it to be reiterated every once in a while! Naturally watching porn and all this talk of the 'designer vagina' as you mentioned you do often get very self conscious but it is nice to be told that you ARE normal (and it also doesn't hurt to have a wonderful gentleman to tell you so too!).