1. Extra-Large Durex Condoms Go On Sale At Supermarket

    Extra-Large Durex Condoms Go On Sale At Supermarket

    Condoms are fantastic, especially for those passionate and impromptu sessions that take place at the drop of a hat!

    But condoms that pinch the skin, split and generally feel uncomfortable aren't so good.

    If you find using condoms problematic, it may be due to the fact that you haven't found the right size for you.

    Large and extra large condoms have been around for a while, but supermarket chain Tesco has just started branching into this area of retail due to 'overwhelming demand'.

    Tesco Healthcare buyer Nicola Evans explained: 'These new condoms are designed to allow larger men more comfort than ever before.

    'We know through customer research that there has been a growing demand for an extra large condom that is easily available in high street pharmacies.

    'In the last year there have been more than 200 calls from customers requesting the availability of an extra large condom.'

    Durex Comfort XL, with their 10mm of extra length and 1mm of extra width, are the condom of choice by the Tesco team, but there's an even bigger selection to choose from here at Lovehoney!

    Many papers who have reported this story have used Tesco's tagline 'Every Little Helps' to illustrate the larger condoms but what if other supermarkets started doing the same…

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