1. Complete Our Survey and Win Luxury Lelo Sex Toys!

    Complete Our Survey and Win Luxury Lelo Sex Toys!

    Despite the doom and gloom recession, many people are still managing to treat themselves to the little luxuries that keep us all smiling.

    Whether it's a simple bar of chocolate, a bottle of bubbly or a designer vibrator packed with orgasmic potential, the best way to relax after a hard day is to indulge your every whim!

    Luxury sex toy designers Lelo have just launched their top selling vibrators - the Gigi and the Liv - in gorgeous new summer colours and to celebrate their arrival, we're offering you the chance to win your very own luxury product from the Lelo range to brighten up your day!

    Every product in the Lelo range has stunning reviews and high praise, not only for their beautiful designs but their amazing ability to bring people to a powerful orgasm, too.

    Male or female, single or coupled up - there's something for everyone and we have 10 of these luxury sex toys to share amongst multiple winners!

    Simply fill in the survey below, let us know about your love of luxury, enter your e-mail address and several winners will be chosen at random to receive a brilliant product from the Lelo collection.

    What are you waiting for? Enter today!

    This survey is now closed.

    Winners will be chosen and notified on Monday 17th August 2009.

    Comments (13)

    • Elle: July 31, 2009 15:51
      "Would you pay more for a rechargable sex toy?"

      The answer YES does not register as an answer. I reselected with MAYBE instead.

    • LoveHoney - Carly: July 31, 2009 16:01
      Hi Elle,

      Sorry about that! There was some weird survey bug but it's sorted now! We'll make a note of your choices though.

      Thanks for entering!

    • kirsty pearn: August 02, 2009 18:55
    • katie: August 02, 2009 19:16
      Tried to complete survey but wouldn't let me enter anything in the email address box.
    • Anna: August 02, 2009 20:09
      Think the perfect night in would be really be me and guy in with sex toys and all the seasons of top gear on dvd box sets. But that option wasn't there!! LOL

      I really would like more vibrators with an insertion of more than 5 - 6 inches, the only thing wrong with the rabbits are they aren't quite deep enough? Anyone thought of this ever, can't find any anywhere??

      Love this site for all my other bits!!

    • shelly: August 03, 2009 22:02
      as a large BBW i'm finding it hard to find a strap-on to fit ,, anyone got idea's... thanks shelly
    • LoveHoney - Carly: August 04, 2009 08:47
      Every strap-on on LoveHoney has the size of the straps listed so you can find one to fit you!

      I would suggest looking at:

      Deluxe Universal Lightweight Harness and Dildo Set - www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=1991

      Sedeux Divine Plus Size Harness - www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=15578

      Fetish Fantasy Plus Size Harness and Dildo - www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=14012

      Fetish Fantasy Plus Size Crotchless PVC Corset and Strap-On - www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=14774

    • Icecreem: August 05, 2009 21:04
      I have tryed to fill out the form above but it is all preselected i dont like cadburys and i think Bollinger sucks and not in a nice way, prefare a good shiraz to be honest.
      It wont let me put my email address in to post the survey.
      Im new to this site but i intend to pass the love on :-0
    • Ruth: August 06, 2009 15:00
      Hi Icecreem and Katie

      I've checkd the survey and I can't spot the problem. Also, other people have completed the survey. Please can you let us know exactly what is happening so we can help further.

      Apologies and thanks!

    • Uncus Corporis: August 06, 2009 20:52
      Let´s see if I win anything!
    • laura: August 06, 2009 23:58
      aww i wana win! fingers crossed! xx
    • MMspanka: August 07, 2009 00:00
      lelo toys are amazing, the speeds and choice of vibration varies so much you could have fun for literally hours. only down side is when you are in the mood and and you forget to recharge lol, makes for an interesting 90min waiting game....

      design is beautiful and size wise it doesnt look like it would do the job, but multiple orgasms can be achieved

      thank you LELO

    • sexy moroccan: August 07, 2009 16:20
      amazing toys,amazing sex,amazing orgasms,what more could you wish for?am hot and in the mood,ciao
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