1. Although I've tried lots of remedies I can't keep an erection. What can I do about this?

    Although I've tried lots of remedies I can't keep an erection. What can I do about this?

    When it becomes so difficult to hold an erection that it stops you having sex altogether, you may have what’s termed ‘erectile dysfunction’.

    Question for JulieQuestion:

    I have tried many remedies, but, although I can get an erection, it's not hard and I can't hold it, it flops. I love sex and have had 4 children, all grown up now.

    I have to be honest and tell you I've had a heart bypass some time ago and am on two blood pressure tabs, and have had two hernia operations. Am I a lost cause, do you think?

    Julie Answers…Julie Says:

    Of course you’re not a lost cause! However, as this is essentially a medical question - and I’m not a doctor - I can only offer you an answer in general terms. Most men, at some time in their lives and for whatever reasons, will have a short lived problem getting or maintaining an erection. But when it becomes so difficult that it stops you having sex altogether, you may have what’s termed ‘erectile dysfunction’.

    This can be caused by psychological factors such as stress and anxiety, or it can be for physiological reasons, such as a period of illness. Given your heart surgery, hernia operations and blood pressure problems, I would guess it’s the latter condition in your case.

    I sense from your letter Bill, that you’re a fairly up-beat kind of guy. You’ve been through a lot and survived a lot. You have four grown up children, you still love sex - and you’re looking for a way to start enjoying it again. Well done - don’t give up! Make a specific appointment with your doctor to sit down and talk about this.

    There are many options on the market for you and your GP to discuss, from prescription tablets (which will take into account any medication you're already on) through to herbal treatments, vacuum pumps and the rest. GP's talk about these sort of problems all the time, so don't feel embarrassed; this is everyday stuff for them.

    You could also try the Tantric technique of ‘soft penetration’, which is great for any men with erectile problems. Partners lie on their sides, facing each other and maintaining continuous eye contact, with their legs at right angles and overlapping. The flaccid penis is then introduced into the vagina, and the woman proceeds to ‘milk’ the man using her PC muscles. Very little movement is required, also making it good for anyone with limited mobility and, strange as it sounds, it’s surprisingly effective!

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    • Hubby: August 02, 2009 19:07
      One word - viagra!
    • Stuart: August 04, 2009 18:35
      I have the same problem and am only 58! I have tried bith Viagra and Cialis without any success and now feel that it is probably all over. My GP even asked if I was still doing it!!! I'm only 58 not 88. But seriously I am a type 2 diabetic taking Byetta as an insulin.

      It is all very frustrating and I have no idea who to turn to


    • Jeremy: December 16, 2014 17:55
      Can you please tell me the best dildo or sleeves to put over the penis; I have ed and need something firm at the top. Not interested in anything oral.
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