1. Design A Sex Toy - Top Tips from the Creators of your Favourite Sex Toys!

    Design A Sex Toy - Top Tips from the Creators of your Favourite Sex Toys!

    To help you on your way to designing an award-winning sex toy for the Design A Sex Toy competition, we've got in touch with the people behind Monogamy, Sliquid, Monkey Spanker and We-Vibe to find out their top tips for making it in the industry.

    Bruce And Melody Murison - Creators of the We-VibeThe We-Vibe is a revolutionary sex toy that produces astounding results so it's only right that we caught up with Bruce and Melody Murison, the creators of the We-Vibe, to find out why it's been such a huge success.

    "In 2001 we were driving in our car from NY to Ottawa and after about 6 hours we struck upon a very innocent idea. A toy that would be small enough and flexible enough to fit between two people during love making.

    When we got home I wrote it down in my inventor's book. Sex toys were not part of our life then but one day I sat down and looked on the web for such a toy. Nothing. I did some patent searches and also found nothing. Time went on and by 2002 I was making prototypes in my labs in the basement and garage. We found local "experts" to test drive the new toys and ended up making about 6 versions from 2002 to 2007 before the final We-Vibe design was accomplished."

    TOP TIP: Reaffirming the fact that new and exciting designs will really capture your audience's attention, take inspiration from Bruce and Melody by creating a sex toy which is entirely new and different. Improving on someone else's product may be easier but inventiveness will earn serious brownie points with the judges!

    Dean Elliott - Voice Over Artist and Creator of Sliquid LubesWe also got in touch with the amazing Dean Elliott - president and CEO of Sliquid lubricants. You may have heard Dean before - he's the deep and brooding voice-over artist behind your favourite trailers and commercials! So how did he end up producing a body-safe, earth friendly lubricant?

    "After 9/11, Madison Avenue (Ad Agency Land) started losing clients who no longer had budgets to run commercials, then to add insult to injury - the Actor's Unions went on strike. Needless to say, work was tight! I quickly had to reinvent myself, and since I had been volunteering as a medic, I knew a thing or two about the anatomy and physiology of the human body. My wife had issues with glycerin based lubes, and so the idea was born - offer health conscious women a point of difference."

    Funnily enough, my voice-over clients love that I'm Mr Sliquid (great Christmas gifts) and my Sliquid clients think it's cool to hear me on TV or radio spots. I have yet to actually capitalize on selling both to one!"

    TOP TIP: Fancy yourself as the new Dean Elliott? How about producing a sex toy that caters for a specific section of the market? You could perhaps try making a green sex toy that is made purely of recycled plastics - a sure-fire hit with those that are eco-conscious!

    Richie and Jane Bowles - Creators of Monogamy and ID LubricantRichie and Jane Bowles are the masterminds behind Creative Conceptions. Already in their sexual arsenal is the amazing range of ID Lubricants and board game Monogamy, but they are always coming up with new and exciting products to release.

    When asked about the ideas behind Monogamy, Jane replied:

    "We created Monogamy because we believe every couple should keep that same tummy-turning feeling that you have when you first meet. That's why the game's strap-line is 'A Hot Affair…With Your Partner', because when you play Monogamy you can enjoy the excitement, naughtiness and thrill of an affair but with the person you love most.

    The game also has the two of you trying all sorts of new and fun things together which leads to some very hot and memorable nights!"

    TOP TIP: Make like the Creative Conceptions team and create a sex toy with a purpose! If it can solve a common sexual problem or relieve bedroom boredom, it's likely to appeal to a wider audience.

    Colin Bailey - Inventor of the Monkey SpankerFinally, in our collection of expert sex toy inventors, is the lovely Colin Bailey. Working as a designer for advertising and display stands, you've probably been exposed to most of his inventions in your local supermarket. However, Colin is also the man behind the Monkey Spanker! We asked Colin about his unique male masturbator and exactly what feedback he's had from it:

    "The main features that people like about the Monkey Spanker are that it provides more powerful and extended orgasms and it has unique sensations unlike sex, hand jobs or other toys. A lot of people have said that it's especially good to use with a partner to enhance blow jobs and hand jobs too. It's also inexpensive, small and discreet - not to mention easy to use, store and keep clean."

    TOP TIP: Make sure that when you design your sex toy, you think about what effect you want it to have. If a sex toy looks amazing but feels horrible, then it's going to be an instant flop (in more ways than one!). Consider exactly where the sex toy is going to go and what it's going to do then plan the materials, textures and sensations around that.

    Feel inspired? Put your talents to good use by entering the Design A Sex Toy competition and you could win £1000 and your sex toy mass produced for an audience of millions!