1. Sensational Summer Sex Toys

    Sensational Summer Sex Toys

    Summer is here! Well… kind of.

    In between the bursts of rain and the scorchingly hot sun, there are plenty of occasions to play and we're going to show you exactly how!

    Whether you already own these sex toys or are considering buying something new, don't do anything until you've read this brilliant guide on how to really heat things up this summer.

    If it's hot outside and you're stuck indoors, then pop a pack of Durex Play 2 in 1 Massage Melts in the fridge and get ready to really cool yourself down.

    These freezable disks look just like ice cubes but on contact with the skin, they melt into a body-safe, water-based lubricant that can be used absolutely anywhere! So indulge in a tingly cool shoulder massage or use them in a more intimate context.

    Lovehoney Super7 G-Pulse Silicone VibratorOnce you're lubed up, grab hold of your Lovehoney Super7 G-Pulse Silicone Vibrator and indulge in some very frisky foreplay! Whether you're single or coupled up, both men and women will love the way this vibrator throbs against the skin.

    It's also perfect for summer lovin' because of its waterproof design - there really is nothing better than naughty fun in a Jacuzzi or swimming pool!

    Give your man (or yourself) a mid-year treat with the Screaming O Man Vibrating Cock and Ball Ring. While most cock rings are designed for her pleasure, this one provides tantalising vibrations to both his shaft and testicles! But why is it great for summer? Well, it has been proven that orgasms help you to feel better if you're ill with hayfever or a cold, and this vibrating cock ring is sure to do a good job!

    French Letter CondomsIf you're going on holiday - make sure you pack condoms!

    These beautifully packaged French Letter Condoms are eco-friendly and come in a range of fabulous styles. They're also very discreet, so if you do have your bags searched - you won't feel embarrassed.

    To look as hot as you feel, invest in a Dreamgirl Bikini. These superb pieces of swimwear look great on the beach or in the bedroom. My personal favourite is the Dreamgirl Aqua Diamond Ruched and Sequinned Bikini as the bottoms are designed to create and enhance curves, which is always a good thing!

    Wicked Obsession by Ray GordonIf you're after a summer read that will defy grey clouds and dull drizzle to bring you something very hot indeed, then take a look at Wicked Obsession by Ray Gordon. This sexy piece of erotica has a brilliant story line, fantastic sex scenes and a cool contemporary cover too!

    So, how are you going to spend your sexy summer?

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