1. How To Take Your Own Sexy Photos

    How To Take Your Own Sexy Photos

    Whether you're considering a career in porn or you simply want something special to give your partner on their birthday; sexy photos are always a winner!

    But how do you take your own sexy photos that are… well… genuinely sexy?

    How do you print your photos without the embarrassment of having to deal with the woman at the pharmacy?

    Lovehoney have several professional photographers lurking amongst the team so from all their advice, we've put together the best information possible for taking your own saucy snaps.

    Grab Your Equipment

    - You need a camera with at least 2 megapixels to produce a 4 x 6 print. This will be all pocket-sized digital cameras, all SLR's and nearly all camera phones.

    - A tripod is useful but if you don't have one to hand, use a stack of books, a ladder or a chair.

    - Soft lighting is very flattering and the most easily available source is the sun! Take your photos in a discreet corner of the garden or in front of a window for the most attractive outcome but if you're struggling - use lamps with low wattage bulbs.

    - Props are always good in a photograph. Flowers, wine glasses or more intimate props can take the focus off any parts of your body you don't like and onto the inanimate object instead - clever!

    - Clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories chosen for your photo-shoot should make you feel sexy. If you're buying lingerie specifically for the shoot, make sure you do so in advance so you can try it on and get a different size if necessary.

    Dreamgirl Blue Diamond NIght Patrol CostumeSet Up and Get Down

    - Set up your shoot before you get naked. Running around in the nip trying to find that pair of earrings you lost, bruising your shin on the coffee table and stubbing your toe will leave you feeling decidedly less sexy.

    - Find where you want to pose, then set up the camera. If you're using a tripod, you can experiment with angles (high up, but angled downwards is always very flattering) but otherwise, a flat surface will do.

    - Make sure there's nothing distracting in the background. You and your sexy body, should be the only focus in these photographs so remove any pictures, washing up or random bits of furniture.

    - Lingerie, Hosiery, Shoes and Make-Up. Put everything on in that order to prevent your make-up smudging and your feet from aching.

    - Place a mirror opposite where you intend to take the photographs and you can see how you're posing before you take the snap.

    G World Rated X Chastity Heart Briefs and Pasties SetTesting, Testing, One Two Three

    - Try out make-up and hairstyles before the photo-shoot. Having to wash and dry your hair after any potential disasters will leave you feeling flustered and rushed.

    - Test out poses and facial expressions in the mirror. Forced poses, smiles or pouts have a tendency to look deranged rather than sexy!

    - Lighting is a tricky thing so feel free to mess around with it and try new things out. Try using lampshades, net curtains or coloured filters to change the mood or atmosphere in your photos.

    Snap Away

    Allure Tiffany PVC Corset with G-String- Set your camera to self-timer mode then get ready to go! On average, you'll have ten seconds to press the button then run back and pose. To make things easier, consider investing in a wireless controller.

    - Take LOTS of photographs. When you think you've done enough, do a few more. Pick a pose, then photograph it ten times, making minor changes to your body and facial expression with each photograph. When reviewing the images, you'll soon discover that many of them are terrible but you'll have a few gems mixed in.

    - Shoulders back, chest forward.

    - Regularly review the photos on your camera to make sure you're in focus and in the frame!

    Cut Out and Keep

    Kiss Me Deadly Van Mimi Bolero Bed Jacket- If you have a printer at home, then upload your images and print them out at your convenience otherwise most supermarkets offer digital photo printing in store, allowing you to insert your memory card, download and print.

    - BEWARE! If you are sending your photographs off to be printed, any ones that are too rude will be deleted and not printed at all. Most companies are not allowed to print anything considered pornographic, so be careful!

    - Most digital cameras and computers come with some form of software so you can crop and resize your images with ease, but there is plenty of free photo-editing software available online such as Photoscape and Picasa if you don't have any.

    - Once your photos have been printed, consider how you're going to give them to your partner. A photo album or frame makes it seem like a proper gift and can easily be hidden when relatives turn up at your door!

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    • Hannah: February 06, 2013 21:14
      "When reviewing the images, you'll soon discover that many of them are terrible but you'll have a few gems mixed in."

      i liked that. made me feel more confident knowing that other people take bad pictures too :)

    • Aaron: April 28, 2014 15:56
      "angles (high up, but angled downwards is always very flattering). "
      Thank you for this, and all the other tips :)
    • john: March 10, 2017 10:31
      amazing WOW!!!