1. Lovehoney Online Sex Toy Retailer of the Year 2009

    Bonny Hall and The Professor accept Lovehoney's Online Retailer of the Year Award Truly we are humbled by the adulation of our peers. Yesterday, Lovehoney was named 2009 Online Adult Retailer of the Year at the prestigious Erotic Trade Only annual awards, held on a concourse at the Birmingham NEC. And here is a picture of our head buyer Bonny Hall and The Professor (in his civvies) graciously accepting the plaudit.

    What is Erotic Trade Only? It's the trade publication for our 'industry' - think of it as the adult version of those funny guest publications that they grab the headlines from at the end of Have I Got News For You?. Things like Miniature Donkey Talk and The Shock & Vibration Digest.

    Come to think of it, ETO would fit in quite well with any of those, though sadly the publishers of Global Slag have decided to call time on the magazine. We shed a tear for its demise.

    But we digress! The ETO Awards are voted for by 'the industry' so we're super-chuffed that our achievements have been recognised by our peers, but we're even more super-chuffed that so many people keep coming back to shop at Lovehoney. We thank you all!

    Comments (5)

    • Trev: July 06, 2009 19:01
      Wow, thats cool, congratulations guys! :)
    • Chloe Longhurst: July 06, 2009 20:18
      Nice one guys! Keep up the good work x
    • Matt: July 07, 2009 10:07
      That's fantastic, great work all! You deserve it :D
    • Hampton: July 14, 2009 10:22
      Excellent result, keep up the good work!.........Bonny, you're looking HOT as always!
    • Gavin: July 23, 2009 21:10
      I can only say it is well deserved. Amazing service