1. Breasts, MILFS and Spooning - The Top Ten Sexy Facebook Pages

    Breasts, MILFS and Spooning - The Top Ten Sexy Facebook Pages

    Facebook is great for chatting to old school friends and stalking ex lovers… err… we mean, perusing their profiles for research purposes! But since the addition of 'fan pages' to Facebook, we've been able to let our friends and families know exactly what we like and why.

    Whether you're a fan of retro sweets or the human anatomy, what better way to show your appreciation of something than by joining a Facebook fan page…

    1. MILFS

    Yes, become a fan of your favourite fertile lady with the MILFS group. Strangely the group type is listed as 'other business'. I didn't know there was a MILF Corporation…

    Durex Play Sensations Lubricant Sachets2. Durex

    Alert your potential internet dates to the fact that you indulge in safe, fun sex by joining the Durex fan page. Whether you love their Massage Melts or their ultra safe condoms, show your appreciation here! Also has photos of some of their fantastic advertising campaigns.

    3. Spooning

    I actually found this page listed under a facebook friend's personal information. He is a mixed martial arts fighter. So as well as being a fan of "Violence" and "Beating The Shit Out of People" he is also a fan of cuddling in the spoon position. Awww.

    Dannii Ashe's 32FF CyberSkin Fantasy Boobs4. Breasts

    Wow, there are so many pages dedicated to a good pair of norks that I don't know which to choose - some people even have personalised groups dedicated to theirs!

    5. Lovehoney

    Behind the scenes photos, regularly updated videos and Facebook only exclusive deals - it can only be the Lovehoney Facebook fan page!

    Doc Johnson Jenna Jameson Extreme Sex Doll6. Jenna Jameson

    Probably best not to become a fan of this one if you plan on having your work colleagues on your friend's list… Unless you work at Lovehoney. Then it's actively encouraged.

    7. PlayBoy

    The only sex related page that even gets a look in on the Top 50 Facebook pages, Hugh Hefner's empire of boobalicious blondes has only just been beaten on the list by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air with 20,000 more fans.

    CyberSkin Action View Ice Blow Job Stroker8. Kisses

    The best way to chat up women over Facebook is to become a fan of sweet and romantic pages like the 'Kisses' one. I'm sure it will reassure her that no matter how much of a douche you come across as, deep down inside you're secretly lovely.

    9. Sex!

    With such interesting discussions on the Fan Page wall such as "can you contract aids or any diseases while eating pussy?" (you can, by the way) can you really afford to not have your life enriched by this group?

    Lelo Nea Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator10. Lelo

    One of the most upmarket sex toy retailers, Lelo, has their own Facebook fan page! A good way to show everyone that even when you're diddling yourself, you're still classy.

    So what are you a fan of?