1. A Beginner's Taste of Tantric Sex

    A Beginner's Taste of Tantric Sex

    My previous misconceptions of Tantric sex involving marathon coupling sessions that only Sting has time for, have given way to a new found respect. This is an ancient Indian practice that promises increased energy.

    Tantric sex also helps provide a sense of well-being and greater intimacy for couples - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Tantra believes sex is a life force and a route to heightened awareness. The secret lies in relaxation and physical sensitivity, rather than just seeking sensation and stimulation.

    It's not just about orgasms
    Orgasm is not the main focus; it's regarded as turning lovemaking into something goal-oriented - fine if it happens naturally, but by no means crucial. The emphasis is more about a prolonged state of ecstasy, where partners open up and connect on a much deeper level, dissolving into one another, free from performance pressure, tension or haste.

    Engage in foreplay
    Foreplay is a priority (sounds better and better!) for instance the 'caressing breath', where you softly blow over your partner's naked skin, or delicate massage using the lightest of touches, with fingertips or a feather.

    Reach the meditative state
    Couples often begin by sitting down and gazing into each other's eyes, gradually letting their breathing slow down and harmonise, so they can reach a meditative state together. Kissing is considered very important, sometimes with a gentle sucking of the lower lip (thought to be a hotline to the genitals).

    Practise soft penetration
    'Soft penetration' is practised too, great for any men with erectile problems. Partners lie on their sides, facing each other and maintaining eye contact, with their legs at right angles and overlapping. The flaccid penis is introduced into the vagina, and the woman then 'milks' the man using her PC muscles. Very little movement is required, also making it good for anyone with limited mobility. It's surprisingly satisfying.

    Devotees say that the more they become sensually in tune with their lover, the greater the benefits in every aspect of the relationship. They can understand their partner better, trust is deepened and their bodies feel reawakened. It's certainly taken the Sting out of Tantric sex for me…

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