1. Free Erotic Story Extract from Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers

    Free Erotic Story Extract from Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers

    The Book of the Month for July is Forbidden Flowers by Nancy Friday. Pick up your copy during July and you'll receive a Crystal Clear Mini Vibrator absolutely free!

    Since the publication of Nancy Friday's original novel - My Secret Garden - women's sex lives have undergone revolution, renewal and revival. Forbidden Flowers is Nancy's second novel exploring women's secret sexual fantasies and is still as relevant today as it was when it was released.

    Reassuring, explicit and most of all erotic, Forbidden Flowers is a collection of wild and exciting fantasies which have been confessed by real women.

    Speaking candidly, each woman expresses her innermost secrets and fantasies about masturbation, group sex, orgasm and some of the kinkiest fetishes imaginable.

    Whether you identify with a fantasy or it inspires you to conjure up your own, there will be a story to suit you and who knows - you may discover a secret longing you never knew you had before!

    Take a sneak peek at one of the hottest fantasies in Forbidden Flowers then pick up your copy for just £8.99 with a free Crystal Clear Mini Vibrator too!


    I'm twenty-seven. I'm a writer, and I'm doing this for two reasons. (1) My hubby is asleep, and I want to get horny enough to masturbate before I join him. (2) I'm egotistical enough to think my fantasies are going to be adopted by others.

    Before I get into fantasies, a little background. I have masturbated since I was sixteen, and I've been with a dozen or so men. David, my husband, is the best, but he's a bit of an MCP sometimes, so being really frank is proceeded slowly.

    Realistic Dildo 6 Inch with Suction CupSeveral years ago, a female friend and I admitted to each other that we indulged in masturbation, and soon we began doing it in the same room. We sort of fed on each other's sounds, which we controlled somewhat, but nonetheless could not suppress. Also, we dug on the idea that we were masturbating, but weren't alone. We always kept it darkened, but there was always enough light to allow us to see, at least in shadows, the other one with her legs spread wide open and a hand moving, caressing, rubbing a wet cunt. We especially liked the sound of the 'wetness' - that squishy sound. I think women should get into this - approach the subject kiddingly if you have to, and if lesbianism hangs you up (it does me a little), just keep in mind that you're not making love with another woman. It's just a bit of voyeurism!

    Last year, I did something I slightly regret. I asked a girl I know to go to bed with me just because I wanted someone to suck on my nipples while I masturbated. I just had to have someone to suck my tits hard and watch me lay there spread open so wide rubbing my clitoris and stretching and impaling myself so deliciously on a long thick candle! She was great!

    As to fantasies, I imagine that five lesbians come over and work on me. I've got one sucking and licking each breast, two holding my legs as wide apart as they can while the fifth eats me. This one produces a very large dildo. I protest that I can't take one that big, then the two holding my legs assure me that I'll open up for it and love it that big and to relax. Number five sucks my clit and just pushes it in a little. Soon I'm begging her to go all the way. Put it in me! Deep. I want it deep inside me! It's great.

    I also imagine in my fantasies that I'm at the Masters and Johnson clinic with their 'fucking machine'.

    Sometimes I fantasise that my husband and I are in a film showing deprived women what they're missing, so they can get their lovers on the ball!

    Sometimes I just remember my friend staring at me while I masturbated in broad daylight. It was wonderful to lay there - cunt wide open, masturbating deliciously, nipples tight and pointy while another woman watched sighing, "Wow, you don't need any help. Look at those tits! That dildo is so big. I'll bet it feels great."

    Forbidden Flowers is available now and for one month only, it comes with a free Crystal Clear Mini Vibrator, worth £5.99!

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