1. Would you take your clothes off for money?

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    Come on, don't be shy - you would wouldn't you? A fiver to flash your baps on the motorway, twenty quid bet to take your top off in the pub… And before you know it, you're seriously considering that £200 offer for a spread (and I use the word advisedly) in Men Only. Or Playgirl, as the case may be.

    But where do you fall on the clothes-off-for-money spectrum? Are you no-way-not-ever-in-a-million-years? Or anything-if-the-price is right?

    Tell us, do!

    Everyone who fills in the survey will be entered in a draw to win £100 of sexy lingerie - good luck!

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    We'll announce the winner of the lingerie sometime after the psychologically tidy closing date of 30 June.

    This survey is now closed

    Comments (13)

    • kim: June 05, 2009 01:10
      If i had some really sexy underwear to show off I would show my body loud and proud! : ) x
    • shelley: June 05, 2009 03:16
      sexy underwear makes me feel sexy and horny xx
    • Kelly: June 05, 2009 12:12
      love sexy underwear!!! makes me feel sexy and very horny xx
    • nikki: June 05, 2009 12:21
      if you take a picture or make a "film" its out t here forever and even though you are happy at the moment with it later on in life it could pop up when your not so comfortable with your past desicion!
      its not just a laugh if your taking your cloths of for £100 or to make a few quid, you have to weigh up the pros and cons seriously before doing anything that you might regret later on, especially when it comes to being naked for all to see!
      so remember to take your time and have a think before getting in to something you might regret later!
    • Elle: June 05, 2009 12:52
      Re: nikki's comment.

      I think you can only judge your life on what you're comfortable with right now. The same comment could be made about getting a tattoo, sleeping with someone who later turned out to be a jerk, even accepting a job offer. No-one can see what's gonna happen in the future, we can't judge based on what "might" happen. We can only judge based on what we know right now.

      If you're the type of person who'd feel uncomfortable being seen then of course it'd be a bit stupid to go pose for a magazine etc. But I know people who posed for their then-partners and after a messy breakup found their images online.

      Me, I'm very comfortable with my body and I don't have the kind of mindset that would worry about it. But it took me a long time to earn that kind of self-confidence!

      I recently had a breast reduction (for health, not image, reasons) and now I can afford to buy beautiful underwear sets that make me feel like something from a catalogue. If anything it's only increased my body confidence! :D

    • linda howarth: June 05, 2009 15:56
      if i was dressed in sexy underwear would love to pose for the camera.s already do it for husband and would love to do it for the cameras
    • nikki: June 06, 2009 01:02
      re: elle's comment.

      You are nieve to think you should judge on what you know right now and not think of what might happen!
      Its just like saying you meet someone you feel strongly for and after a few days you get their name tattooed on yourself, you just wouldn't do that you would think, is this feeling going to last, will I regret this before getting it done and not just think of what we know right now!
      I accept that some people are comfortable with how they look and feel they would like to pose and have pictures taken with partners or magazines but I don't want anyone regretting it in the future epically young girls who have not fully matured yet to know what the implications (either now or later on in life ) of their actions would be.
      I am glad that you feel like great and have so much body confidence but that is your opinion and this is mine, I think every one should have their own mind and I will not be-little your thoughts if you do not mine ( im not just saying that to you but everyone!)
      im 23 and im comfortable in my skin but I think the younger girls should have someone looking out for them!

    • sophie: June 06, 2009 14:44
      sexy underwear gives me an excited feeling and makes me want to show it off. the thought of other people admiring my body helps to raise my self esteem to think that i am special and really turns me on!!!
    • Sharon: June 10, 2009 18:36
      For those of you who don't mind taking your clothes off for money, we have an opportunity for you to star in a porn movie. This is for people OVER THE AGE OF 35 only.

      Screening to take place in July in London. Drop me a line if you are interested - camptys@hotmail.com.


    • cass: June 10, 2009 20:48
      a top rate porn film i see then considering your advertising it on here!
    • Richard - LoveHoney: June 12, 2009 11:28
      Yes, it's a fine line between taking your clothes off for money - and being rogered senseless by strangers...
    • Jenna: June 29, 2009 15:10
      I have taken my clothes off for reasons other than money.
      I am a pre-op transsexual and I documented all changes in physical appearance from beginning of HRT in an online gallery. At least 70k people have seen be in the buff ><,
      99% positive feedback and helped a lot of people understand things on the way, though some people were just confused the top and bottom didn't match!

      I would recommend it! Nothing wrong with a bit of skin, plus in this weather it's about as cool as you're going to get :D

    • clair bear: July 01, 2009 19:40
      i agree with nikki! you should not rush into things!